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Class Action Attorneys

The attorneys that comprise Gibbs Law Group’s Class Action practice collectively have more than 20 years of experience representing consumers across the United States against some of the world’s largest corporations in the automotive, pharmaceutical, healthcare, banking, and information technology industries, among others. Through our advocacy, we have prevailed on behalf of consumers who have suffered physical or economic injury due to corporate negligence and dishonesty – earning compensation for damages and discouraging future abuses of consumer trust by corporations.

The Class Action attorneys of Gibbs Law Group prosecute cases concerning Consumer Fraud, including breach of contract and warranty, failure to disclose material information, financial fraud, and internet fraud, as well as cases involving Defective Products, and violations of consumer Privacy.

We have successfully litigated class actions involving such products and services as:

  • Motorcycle gas tanks
  • Automobile coolants, brake pads, and other components
  • Vehicle emergency response systems
  • Data breaches
  • Medical privacy breaches
  • Credit card service agreements
  • Television service contracts
  • Batteries in cars and other electronic devices
  • Computer chips
  • Diamond rings