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Privacy Attorneys

Protecting consumers’ and patients’ privacy rights

Our ever-globalizing world has created a need for increasingly more efficient and far-reaching methods of communication, and it has facilitated the development of technologies that make it easier to share information. Such varied industries as government, healthcare, law, finance, insurance, and education have been revolutionized by the development of these new technologies. And as technological advances have changed our institutions, they have changed the way we interact with our society and with each other.

Internet privacy in a technology-driven world

Online banking and financial management, social networking, the digitalization of medical and insurance records, and the purchase of goods and services over the internet all require us to share personal, medical, and financial information with companies and institutions. We expect this information to be kept safe. Likewise, if a company or institution collects personal information about us or sells personal information to others, we expect to be notified.

Are you the victim of a privacy breach?

If your personal, medical, or financial information was compromised by an entity with an obligation to keep your details safe, contact Gibbs Law Group’s class action attorneys for a free consultation about your potential case by calling toll-free (800) 254-9493 or filling out the form to the right.

Our data breach lawsuit experience

Privacy violations occur when our personal information is not kept safe or is collected and sold without our knowledge. Gibbs Law Group’s Privacy Attorneys have advocated for consumers’ and patients’ rights in a variety of cases and across industries, including:

  • Earls, et al. v. The Home Depot Inc., (N.D. Cal.)
    A federal class action lawsuit against The Home Depot on behalf of up to 56 million consumers nationwide whose financial information was potentially compromised as a result of the Home Depot data breach announced in September 2014. The lawsuit alleges that Home Depot did not take adequate measures to protect its customers’ financial data and that the company did not notify its customers of the breach in a timely manner.
  • In re Adobe Systems Inc. Privacy Litigation, (N.D. Cal.)
    Eric Gibbs serves as interim lead counsel for plaintiffs’ claims arising from a data breach announced by Adobe in October 2013. The data breach compromised approximately 2.9 million accounts during summer 2013. The litigation survived Adobe’s motion to dismiss in September 2014, and the plaintiffs are seeking class certification.
  • Whitaker, et al. v. Health Net of California, Inc., (E.D. Cal.)
    Eric Gibbs served as co-lead counsel in consolidated class action litigation against Health Net after servers held by IBM for the health insurer could not be located. The missing servers contained sensitive medical and financial information of some 1.9 million individuals. Lead counsel obtained a settlement, pursuant to which Health Net will provide free credit monitoring and identity theft insurance, reimburse class members for losses suffered due to identity theft, and implement data security measures.

Contact us for a free consultation

If you believe your personal information may be at risk, contact our class action attorneys for a free, confidential consultation about your privacy rights by calling toll-free (800) 254-9493 or by filling out the form.

Our attorneys are currently working with Girard Gibbs LLP to litigate class action lawsuits concerning data breaches affecting Anthem and Premera Blue Cross health plan subscribers.