New York Donnelly Act

The Donnelly Act is the primary state antitrust law in the state of New York. The Act mirrors federal antitrust law, and prohibits any contract, agreement, arrangement, or combination that creates or maintains a monopoly or retrains competition.

Under the Donnelly Act, private parties can sue companies or individuals who participated in anti-competitive activity.

Prohibited Business Practices under the Donnelly Act

The Donnelly Act explicitly prohibits several actions, including:

  • Price Fixing: agreement between competitors to buy or sell products, services, or commodities at a fixed price or rate
  • Bid Rigging: agreements between competitors to divide contract bids amongst themselves
  • Market Division Scheme: agreement between competitors to divide markets, products, customers or territories amongst themselves
  • Group Boycotting: competitors agreeing to boycott a certain entity
  • Tying: selling a product or service on the condition that the buyer agrees to also buy a different product or service

Report an Antitrust Violation of the NY Donnelly Act

If you have information concerning a potential antitrust violation, please fill out the form to the right or call toll-free (866) 981-4800 to speak with an antitrust attorney.

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