Our attorneys filed a class action lawsuit against Porsche alleging that a satellite radio-related software update sent in the summer of 2020 damaged or destroyed vehicles’ Porsche Communication Management System (“PCM”), requiring costly repairs.

Porsche’s PCM is the central control unit for all “infotainment” applications, including radio and sound settings, connected mobile devices, navigation system, and voice control.  According to the complaint, the software update damaged the PCM computer, causing the unit to continuously reboot, emit a static sound, and drain vehicle batteries.

Some Porsche dealerships acknowledged the software update likely caused the problem, but Porsche has refused to cover repair or replacement of the PCM—which can total thousands of dollars.  Read a copy of the Porsche PCM complaint.

Porsche Owner Complaints: PCM Malfunction

In online forums, many Porsche owners expressed similar frustration:

Consumer 1:

2011 Panamera Base, today PCM started shutting off while car running.  Display goes blank, then get Porsche splash screen, then liability screen.  Stays on for about 2.5 minutes and then “reboots” again.  Drive home about 30 minutes and like clockwork every 2+ minutes.  I input navigation to my house just to see and it retains the active navigation upon reboot.  An enigma wrapped in a riddle.  78K miles, latest PCM software and maps done in 2019.  Nothing is connected (USB, phone, etc.).  Looked online and there are fresh report today on other sites of this same activity.

Consumer 2:

Same over here (and two others I know locally).  If I am on a call when it does this the phone will disconnect.  Also, it will also come back to what I was listening when it originally happened (Howard 100) regardless what I am listening on regular radio or Sirius/XM.  The Service Manager at the dealership stated he had a few calls about his as well and he thought at this point that it could be a corrupted file that was downloaded by Sirius/XM.  Would be very interesting to hear if it is happening to anyone without Sirius/XM service.

Consumer 3:

After Sirius XM signal activated, PCM reboots every 5 minute—seems software glitch, calling a dealer in Houston, service guy stated you are probably #52 calling today about this problem, hope PORSCHE can look into this—for this moment he stated NO idea what to do . . . .

Consumer 4:

Mine started doing it this AM too.  Is there any way to turn off the PCM so the battery doesn’t drain all day?  I literally am just seeing this but have to drive to an appointment . . . I hope my car still starts.  There’s a thread in the Cayenne forum as well, so not just 911s it seems!

Consumer 5:

Its been over 24 hours and the signal is still being sent and I still have access to FREE Sirius radio.  So much for demanding the signal STOP.  So frustrating!!  So I still have the old PCM in with the rebooting still going on.  Have reached out once again yesterday to PCNA “customer relations” about trying to find a more mutually agreeable plan to replace the PCM.  No response yet.  I was so looking forward to trying the “handover reset” once again after Sirius promised that I would have no signal going to PCM today—but low and behold my request fell on deaf ears . . . I will def follow up if I have any better news.

Porsche Has Not Compensated Owners For PCM Damage

The Complaint alleges that Porsche has failed to offer a permanent solution for the malfunction, or compensate affected Porsche owners for the damages they suffered, including costs to repair or replace the damaged PCMs.

Porsche PCM stop working?

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