Our attorneys are investigating allegations that a California energy improvement company is repeatedly making unwanted calls to consumers, trying to sell them energy-efficient windows, vinyl siding, air conditioners, and bathtubs.

The company has gone by various names, according to past TCPA lawsuits against them:

  • Direct Home Energy Solutions
  • Powerstar Home Energy Solutions
  • Green Home Improvement
  • Everlast Home Energy Solutions.

Receive unwanted calls from a “home energy” or “green home” company?

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Previous Unwanted Call TCPA Lawsuits Against “Home Energy Solutions”

Lawsuit #1

There has been a prior TCPA lawsuit against Direct Home Energy Solutions, Green Home Improvement Program, and Powerstar Home Energy Solutions, allegedly run by a corporation called “GDFriend, Inc.” According to the California Secretary of State, GDFriend, Inc. is connected with Gregory D. Friend at 14252 Culver Dr., A213, Irvine CA 92604.

The past TCPA lawsuit alleged that the defendant ran a “wide-scale telemarketing” operations that involved making “repeated unsolicited autodialed telephone calls to consumers’ cellular phones.” The various “Home Energy Solutions” entities are alleged to have even called consumers who opted out of all unconsented-to telemarketing calls by listing their number of the National Do Not Call Registry.

The unwanted calls are alleged to have come from:

  • 714-205-9008
  • 909-318-0496
  • 909-699-9021
  • 949-728-5353.

Unwanted calls often violated the Consumer Telephone Protection Act (TCPA), a federal law that provides consumers with $500 to $1,500 per unwanted call. The harshness of the penalty on offenders was to act as a deterrent to spam telephone calls.

Lawsuit #2

There was another past TCPA lawsuit against Direct Home Energy Solutions, allegedly run by the corporation “Friendlum, Inc.” According to the California Secretary of State, the business address for Friendlum, Inc. is the same as the one for GDFriend, Inc.

The lawsuit alleged that the plaintiff has received five unwanted telemarketing calls from Direct Home Energy Solutions. The calls were from the phone number (949) 537-7860.

The defendant allegedly runs several websites, including “directhomeenergy.com,” “directgogreen.com,” and “ghip.org.”

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