Actress Alexa Nikolas has come forward with a lawsuit alleging ex-husband Michael Milosh, the singer-songwriter behind Rhye, sexually abused her throughout their marriage. According to her lawsuit, Michael also groomed her for years when she was a minor.

Gibbs Law Group and co-counsel Greenberg Gross filed the complaint on August 25, 2021: Rhye – Michael Milosh Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

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Alexa's story in the news

“Sadly, Alexa’s story is not an outlier. We continue to see predators in the music industry use their celebrity and influence to target women, especially underage girls. In many cases, management companies, record labels and promoters turn a blind eye, and even enable or participate to protect their financial interests and investment. This is a systemic failure, and we hope to see more survivors like Alexa gaining the courage to speak out to hold perpetrators accountable when the music industry has failed to do so.

—Karen Barth Menzies, Gibbs Law Group

“Alexa Nikolas is a brave survivor of child sexual abuse who is filing this case to seek justice and hold Michael Milosh accountable. As noted in the complaint, Milosh began grooming and manipulating Alexa when she was a child and sexually abused her. He continued to manipulate, coerce and assault her for years. Like many survivors, Alexa has struggled for years with the abuse she endured and her journey to this point has not been easy. Going forward, we will stand with her in her fight for justice.

—Deborah Mallgrave, Greenberg Gross

Alexa Nikolas comes forward to help end abuse

Milosh used his power, age and influence to take control of my life when he started grooming me back when I was 16, which is what predators do – now I am taking back control and getting out the truth of what happened.  I’m hoping that, by speaking out, others will find the courage to do the same – I believe this is how we can help ensure he and other predators are no longer able to target and sexually abuse minors.

—Alexa Nikolas

The lawsuit alleges that Alexa first reached out to Milosh as a fan when she was 16 years old, saying she liked his music. But Milosh immediately asked for her phone number and started talking to her regularly; these conversations “were all sexual and flirtatious.” He directed her to undress on their video chats numerous times while she was still a minor, according to the complaint.

Sadly, Alexa’s story is not unique. Music can be a way for fans to connect with artists, with their own feelings, and with each other. Unfortunately, some artists take advantage of fans who love their music. These artists exploit the trust that their fans place in them.

They might pick out individual fans—often minors—in the crowd or via social media, and invite them back stage, to a hotel room, or onto the tour bus. They might groom them for some time over social media—as alleged in Alexa’s complaint, for example—and invite them to meet at various festivals where the artist is performing. Even if a fan initiates contact with an artist and the interaction seems mutual, an artist can create and exploit power imbalances between them and their fans, especially when their fans are underage. Any sexual contact in such situations is inherently coercive.

After fans have been sexually abused and gaslit into believing that they consented to the relationship, it can take months, or years, to overcome the lies they have been told. Grappling with the aftermath of this sort of abuse can be overwhelming, painful, and confusing. Sometimes this only happens after seeing other victims of the same artist come forward.

I would like to take a bow to each and every human being that stood up to tell their story, even with the fear of judgement and/or persecution. I take a bow to every human being that has had to stay silent for whatever reason they felt had outweighed speaking up. Each of us heal in our own ways. We have the right to do so. As a mother I could not let my story go unheard any longer.
—Alexa Nikolas

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Karen is a partner in our sexual assault practice group. She has been recognized as a Super Lawyer in Southern California for the last fifteen years. She is willing to listen to your story, without judgment. She’s on your side.

Karen has over two decades of litigation experience in some of the nation’s most complex cases, and she is particularly focused on sexual abuse claims and women’s health issues.

Karen believes in advocating for the victims who’ve been taken advantage of. She currently represents former members of Boy Scouts of America in claims of sexual abuse by scoutmasters, troop leaders and other adults.  She also represents survivors who experienced Catholic Clergy sexual abuse in claims against the Archdiocese of New Orleans, which is currently in a legal restructuring process.

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“Gibbs Law Group has provided a foundation of safety, trauma-informed support and understanding as I seek to hold my abuser accountable. Working with Karen and Jeff has empowered other survivors and I to stand up against the pervasive rape culture of the music industry.” —Michaela H.

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Gibbs Law Group’s award-winning sexual assault attorneys represent survivors across the country. Our team is committed to empowering sexual assault survivors to regain control, achieve justice and begin to heal. We recently obtained a $73 million settlement on behalf of former patients of UCLA gynecologist Dr. James Heaps, who was accused of sexual abuse and misconduct. We are also currently investigating sexual abuse claims at Berkeley High School and the Washington Football Team.

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