Caeli shares her story and another survivor joins the legal filling, detailing the sexual assault perpetrated by Jasha Tull, better known as Space Jesus

Los Angeles, California – Attorneys from Greenberg Gross and Gibbs Law Group filed a response to a defamation lawsuit filed by Jasha Tull, better known as Space Jesus, against Michaela “Caeli” Higgins. The legal response details the sexual assault perpetrated by Space Jesus and seeks to dismiss the baseless lawsuit filed by Space Jesus, as well as a separate one filed by his parents, against Caeli.

In a declaration filed with the response, Christina Renee LaCoste (aka Kiki and Dia) joins Caeli and shares her own experience of sexual assault perpetrated by Space Jesus.

“Today, I am standing up against an abuser who is trying to silence me with a baseless lawsuit and an industry that continues to protect him,” said Caeli. “I refuse to stand by and let the victimization continue. I will continue to speak out and share my story to end this cycle of abuse.”

The response to the lawsuit details how kissing escalated into rape when Space Jesus penetrated Caeli without protection and without her consent. The response also recounts an instance when Space Jesus sexually assaulted Caeli in front of his manager and friends, and notes the manipulation and emotional abuse that she was subjected to in the months and years since she first met with Space Jesus. Caeli has also released a full statement.

“The defamation lawsuit filed by Space Jesus has no merit and is simply a ploy to silence and intimidate his victims,” said Greenberg Gross attorney Deborah Mallgrave. “Our response exposes Space Jesus and prevents him from using his fame to avoid justice. We stand with Caeli as she bravely shares her story to protect others.”

Other survivors have connected with Caeli to share their own experiences with Space Jesus. One of those survivors is Kiki. As detailed in the declaration, Space Jesus penetrated Kiki without protection and without her consent, similarly to what he did to Caeli.

“I talked with Jasha several times over many months following the sexual assault, but Jasha continued to refuse accountability and at one point, Jasha accused me of cyber-bullying and threatened my career,” said Kiki.

In the years since the assaults, Space Jesus has continued performing. He has faced allegations online and other survivors have reached out to Caeli since she created the @evidenceagainstSpaceJesus Instagram account. He has even admitted to having sex with a 17-year-old adolescent.

“It’s unconscionable to think that Space Jesus has been able to continue performing as Caeli, Kiki and other survivors have come forward,” said Gibbs Law Group attorney Karen Barth Menzies. “We will defend survivors of sexual assault from baseless lawsuits and ensure there is justice for them.”

Caeli has recorded a statement.  You can find the video here.

Download the full response and declaration here.