Testosterone Injuries

Testosterone Side Effects: Heart Attack, Stroke and Death

Testosterone replacement supplements have become increasingly popular in recent years to treat symptoms of “low T”, or low testosterone levels in men. According to recently filed testosterone lawsuits as well as the FDA safety announcement, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) products may carry a risk of serious cardiovascular side effects, including heart attack, stroke, and death.

Testosterone Side Effects Lawsuits

Following the announcement of the FDA’s investigation, five lawsuits were filed in Illinois federal court on behalf of men who suffered from heart attacks or strokes after using AndroGel, the leading testosterone therapy medication. The lawsuits allege that the manufacturers of AndroGel failed to warn consumers about increased cardiovascular risks and employed aggressive marketing tactics, which led men to believe their health conditions were caused by “low T” rather than natural side effects of aging.

If you or a loved took testosterone supplements and suffered cardiovascular side effects, such as a heart attack or stroke, you may want to speak with an attorney to learn about your rights. Free and confidential consultations with our personal injury lawyers are available by calling toll-free (866) 981-4800 or filling out the form to your right.

Other Testosterone Replacement Side Effects

According to published FDA-approved testosterone supplement patient information, people who take testosterone for low testosterone associated with a medical condition may experience a variety of other side effects. If you experience serious side effects as a result of taking testosterone, you should consult your doctor. Some the published side effects include:

  • acne;
  • skin irritation (where testosterone gel is applied);
  • increased cholesterol levels;
  • increased prostate specific antigen;
  • increased red blood cell count;
  • increased liver function tests;
  • excessive frequency and duration of erections.

Injured by Testosterone Treatment?

The personal injury lawyers at Gibbs Law Group are currently investigating cases where men suffered serious side effects, including heart attacks and strokes after taking testosterone therapy products. If you or a loved one took testosterone supplements and suffered serious side effects, you may have a legal right to pursue financial compensation for your injuries or other damages.

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