We filed the first civil lawsuits against former ‘Scrubs’ writer and producer Eric Weinberg on behalf of two women who, according to the complaints, Weinberg “lured … to his home” where he sexually assaulted them. What these women experienced, per the complaints, “was not an isolated incident.” According to the lawsuits, Weinberg was “publicly exposed” as a repeat “sexual predator” when authorities arrested him in July 2022 on numerous allegations of sexual assault and rape occurring between 2012 and 2019.

Weinberg Victims Lawyer: Micha Star Liberty

Micha Star Liberty

Our lead sexual assault lawyer, Micha Star Liberty, is currently representing survivors of the type of sexual assault alleged against Weinberg in the civil complaints and criminal charges.

Micha has dedicated her life to fighting for victims against powerful people like Eric Weinberg. In her over 21 years of legal experience, Micha has represented thousands of people in sexual assault cases and in the past ten years Micha has won 100% of the cases she has accepted. Micha has been widely recognized for her achievements, receiving numerous awards including Top 100 Women Lawyers in California.

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Eric Weinberg Sexual Assault Lawsuit – What is Happening Now?

The Weinberg Criminal Sexual Assault Lawsuit

The criminal lawsuit, which carries a possibly lengthy prison sentence if Weinberg is convicted, commenced in October 2022 when the LA County District Attorney filed criminal charges against Weinberg on allegations he sexually assaulted at least 5 different women, reports the LA Times.

The Weinberg Civil Sexual Assault Lawsuits

In November 2022, we filed two civil lawsuits against Weinberg. One lawsuit, filed on behalf of a young woman called “C.D.” (to protect her identity) says that Weinberg approached her in a grocery store parking lot in 2019 and “introduced himself as the executive producer of Scrubs.” (Read a copy of the complaint here.)

Weinberg “presented himself as a safe and respectful Hollywood figure that she could trust,” according to the complaint. He offered to take professional-quality photographs and told her he had done “photo shoots for a lot of Disney stars,” according to the complaint. C.D. told Weinberg that she would “try a photo shoot as long as there was no erotica,” the complaint says. Weinberg responded by booking her for a 12:00 p.m. photo shoot, sent her the shooting location, and later reminded her of the appointment, per the complaint.

The lawsuit says that once Weinberg had “lured” C.D. to the shooting location (“his home”), he disregarded “his prior assurances.” Instead, he led C.D. to his daughter’s bedroom and asked her to pose topless “on his child’s bed,” the complaint says. Weinberg proceeded to sexually assault C.D., according to the complaint. Afterwards, Weinberg stood between C.D. and the door and “demanded assurance that she would not tell the police he had raped her,” according to the complaint.

The second lawsuit, on behalf of a woman called “A.B.” (to protect her identity) says that Weinberg contacted her through a dating app, where – according to the complaint – Weinberg “represents himself as a younger man” to build trust and rapport. (Read a full copy of the complaint here.)

After sharing numerous text messages, where Weinberg came across as “charming, considerate, and respectful of sexual boundaries,” the complaint says, A.B. agreed to meet Weinberg at a cocktail bar after he was finished “hanging out with his kids” for the afternoon. When Weinberg invited A.B. back to his home for a glass of wine, Weinberg appeared to be a “charming conversationalist, a doting father, and a respectful dating partner,” so A.B. felt comfortable accompanying him to his house, according to the complaint. But once there, Weinberg ignored A.B.’s boundaries; he forcibly pinned her down and sexually assaulted her, according to the complaint. While Weinberg penetrated A.B. without her consent, “A.B. remained still, scared for her life,” according to the complaint.

What is the difference between the criminal and the civil lawsuits against Weinberg?

Criminal lawsuits are designed to lock up and punish dangerous people. They are prosecuted by the state and can proceed with or without the victim’s say so. When a criminal case is concluded with a guilty verdict, the state may be able to punish someone, but it can’t do much to repair the damage done to a victim.

In contrast, civil lawsuits are designed to help victims, and sexual assault victims’ lawyers (like us) exclusively represent victims. Civil lawsuits give control to victims by empowering them to seek redress for the harm that was done to them and helping them heal more on their own terms. A civil lawsuit doesn’t undo the damage, but it can provide victims with financial and other resources that they can use to heal and find relief.

Weinberg Victims List and Allegations

There is no published list of Eric Weinberg’s alleged victims, in part to protect their identities, but according to LA prosecutors, dozens of potential victims came forward following Weinberg’s arrest, and the LAPD has reported receiving over 70 tips about Weinberg.

According to our sexual assault lawsuits against Weinberg, what happened to our clients is “not an isolated incident.” The judge at Weinberg’s bail revocation hearing said that “the allegations against Weinberg indicate ‘that he cannot stop and will not stop his sexual assaults on women; and, therefore, he poses a danger to the safety of women.’” The judge said, “[H]is behavior is predatory” and “he targets women doing everyday things,” lures them to his “private nest of his home” and there, “commits the sexual assaults.” “The allegations against Weinberg indicate that he is a serial rapist,” the complaints say.

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