Defective Products

Advocating for consumer safety when products pose dangers

When consumers purchase a product, they reasonably assume that the product can be used to serve its intended function as advertised, expected, and guaranteed. A defective product can be a product that simply doesn’t work as promised, a product that has been adulterated in a way that decreases its value or usefulness, or a product that is dangerous or hazardous in an unacceptable or unanticipated fashion.

Consumers suffer when companies fail to honor manufacturing standards

An array of state and federal laws hold companies and product manufacturers accountable to standards which govern their products, the manner in which they make these products available to consumers, and their representations about the product. When companies fail to honor these standards, consumers not only lose money, but they are exposed to a host of other injuries and dangers.

Defective vehicles, home appliances, electronics, and entertainment products can injure consumers, cause consumers economic loss, and significantly inconvenience their lives.  We believe that companies should be held accountable when they fail to honor their promises, fail to initiate a recall, or when they neglect to tell consumers about known product defects at the point of sale.

Did you purchase a defective product?

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Our product defect case victories

  • In re General Motors Dex-Cool Cases, (Cal. Super Ct. Alameda County)
    Eric Gibbs served as court-appointed co-lead counsel in a nationwide class action lawsuit filed on behalf of GM vehicle owners, alleging that GM equipped certain models with intake manifold gaskets that prematurely failed.  After consumer classes were certified in both Missouri and California, General Motors agreed to pay cash reimbursements to class members ranging from $50 to $800 per vehicle.  The California court granted final approval to the cash settlement in 2008.
  • Browne v. Am. Honda Motor Co., (C.D. Cal.)
    Eric Gibbs was appointed class counsel in a nationwide class action alleging that Honda sold about 750,000 Accord and Acura TSX vehicles with a defective braking system that caused rear brake pads to wear prematurely. The class settlement provided improved rear brake pads and reimbursements for parts and labor costs in full, up to $150, and has reached a total payout exceeding $20 million.
  • In Re iPod Cases, (Cal. Super. Ct. San Mateo County)
    Attorneys now with Gibbs Law Group achieved a settlement in a California state-court class action alleging material misrepresentations with respect to the battery life of iPod devices.  The settlement provided for warranty extensions, battery replacements, cash payments, and store credits to those class members who experienced a battery failure.
  • Fantauzzo v. Razor, (Cal. Super. Ct. Los Angeles County)
    Plaintiffs alleged that defendant marketed and sold electric scooters with defective stopping mechanisms.  The court approved a nationwide class action settlement providing for, among other things, a recall of the potentially defective electric scooters.

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