Praise from the Courts

Our Reputation for Excellence Among Judges Nationwide

I’ve always found them to be extraordinary counsel in terms of their preparation and their professionalism.

Chief U.S. District Court Judge in the AT&T class action

Class Counsel displayed skill in achieving a highly favorable result that confers significant benefits on a large number of people while addressing an issue of societal importance – public safety.

Judge, Superior Court of California, on the BMW airbag defect class action

They are experienced and knowledgeable counsel and have significant breadth of experience in terms of consumer class actions.

California Superior Court Judge in the American Fair Credit Association class action

Perhaps the best barometer of … the benefit obtained for the class … is the perception of class members themselves. Counsel submitted dozens of letters from class members sharing their joy, appreciation, and relief that someone finally did something to help them.

United States District Court Judge in the Hyundai flywheel class action

Class counsel skillfully presented Class members’ claims while opposed by a sophisticated company represented by experienced litigators.

California Superior Court Judge in the Razor class action

The Court recognizes that class counsel assumed substantial risks and burdens in this litigation. Representation was professional and competent; in the Court’s opinion, counsel obtained an excellent result for the class.

U.S. District Court Judge in the Ducati class action

Plaintiff’s lawsuit resulted in the enforcement of important public rights … including public safety and the enforcement of California’s consumer protection statutes, while at the same time conferring significant benefits, both pecuniary and non-pecuniary, on a large class of persons.

U.S. District Court Judge in the Hyundai airbag litigation

Moreover, the Court finds that Class Counsel provided excellent representation in this litigation. Class Counsel’s efforts resulted in a favorable result relatively early in the case, which benefits the Class while preserving judicial resources.

U.S. Magistrate Judge in the Helzberg Diamonds class action

The Settlement achieved for the benefit of the Class was obtained as a direct result of Class Counsel’s skillful advocacy.

United States District Court Judge in the Peregrine Financial Group class action

It is abundantly clear that Class Counsel invested an incredible amount of time and costs in a case which lasted approximately 10 years with no guarantee that they would prevail…. Simply put, Class Counsel earned their fees in this case.

California Superior Court Judge in the Intel Pentium 4 class action

Class counsel in this case possesses great competence and
experience, and the result reached perfectly exemplifies its abilities. The Court has been extremely impressed with the conduct, skill, and accomplishment of class counsel throughout this litigation.

Senior U.S. District Court Judge, Northern District of Texas

It is clear of the dedication, devotion, professionalism and in the court’s view efficiency of these firms…there is no question…of the quality of representation.

U.S. District Court Judge, Southern District of New York

The case “involved years of difficult and hardfought litigation by
able counsel on both sides” and “the attorneys who handled the case were particularly skilled by virtue of their ability and experience.

U.S. District Court Judge in the Merecedes Teleaid litigation

Liaison Counsel efficiently managed the requests from well over 20 law firms and effectively represented the interests of Non-Settling Plaintiffs throughout this litigation. This included actively participating in revisions to the proposed settlement in a manner that addressed many weaknesses in the original proposed settlement.

U.S. District Court Judge in the Hyundai & Kia MPG litigation