“All Natural” False Advertising Lawsuits

September 30, 2011

Recent “All Natural” False Advertising Lawsuits

Class action lawsuits against Kashi Co. and AriZona Beverage Co. are part of a recent trend of false advertising lawsuits alleging that companies have improperly labeled certain food and beverages as “all natural.” Robyn O’Brien, author of The Unhealthy Truth, remarked that these “all natural” lawsuits show there is a growing concern about the quality of food and the honesty of food companies. It’s possible these lawsuits may influence how the “all natural” label will be defined, regulated, and used in the future.

Kashi/ Kellogg “All Natural” False Advertising Class Actions

In August and September of 2011, consumers filed lawsuits against Kashi and its parent company Kellogg Co. in federal court in California, alleging a violation of false advertising laws due to the fact that a number of Kashi products are labeled as “all natural” or “nothing artificial” when several of the Kashi granola bar, cracker, and frozen entrée products have ingredients deemed synthetic by federal regulations.

AriZona Beverage Co. “All Natural” Class Actions

In 2008 and again in the fall of 2011, consumers filed lawsuits alleging deceptive advertising by AriZona Beverage Co. in its advertising of its iced teas and other drinks as “100% Natural” and “100% All Natural.” The suits claim that several AriZona-brand beverages contain high fructose corn syrup, which is alleged to be a non-natural substance. Consumers complained that because of the labeling used on AriZona drinks, they “received something less than and different from what was promised and bargained for—a product that was not, in fact, all natural.”

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Deceived by “All Natural” False Advertising?

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