Dani Tishkoff Chidester

Dani Tishkoff Chidester

Litigation Support Manager

(510) 350-9723

Dani is an integral member of the sexual assault and financial fraud litigation teams, and is committed to cultivating positive experiences and strengthening relationships. She works with clients through all stages of the litigation and settlement process, including conducting intakes, developing new cases, and managing mass client communications. Dani is also involved in firm marketing and public relations efforts. Outside of the firm, Dani currently serves on the board of BALIF, the oldest and largest community of LGBTQI+ legal professionals in the nation.

Prior to Gibbs Law Group, Dani worked in the legal department at a social services organization in New York City where she helped community members access legal services and apply for housing and healthcare benefits. In 2019, Dani graduated summa cum laude from Scripps College in Claremont, CA where she worked as a barista and manager at an on-campus coffee shop. As an undergraduate, Dani interned in the development departments of several non-profit organizations and assisted with fundraising campaigns and drafting communications to supporters.

  • B.A., summa cum laude, Scripps College, 2019
  • Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom, Board Member
Presentations & Articles+

Inside-Out: A Critical Inquiry of Post-secondary Prison Education and Pedagogy

Senior honor thesis