Misleading Labels

Girard Gibbs' Misleading & Deceptive Label Lawyers

The lawyers at Gibbs Law Group LLP understand that consumers depend on product labels every day to make informed decisions when buying products, and that misleading and deceptive labels make it much more difficult to make good purchasing decisions. Employing the many consumer protection laws available, our attorneys litigate false advertising lawsuits on behalf of consumers, including recent cases involving Brazilian Blowout hair product and Tyson Chicken. Our attorneys have recovered millions for consumers through these suits, while stopping a number of questionable labeling practices.

Combating Misleading Labels

Product labels provide a variety of critical information. When it comes to food labels, consumers trust that labels will not make false nutritional claims, misleading organic claims, and won’t be falsely advertised as “all natural”. Outside the food & beverage industry labels have just as much importance—unfortunately there have been instances in which other products are supplied with deceptive labels, ranging from misleading “green” advertisements to misrepresentations about where a product was made.

Deceptive Label Laws

State and federal laws recognize that consumers rely on labels to ensure their safety and that they receive the product or service they wish to buy. Our misleading and deceptive label lawyers strive to help ensure that consumers receive the accurate information they are entitled to under the law, often bringing cases involving:

  • The Consumers Legal Remedies Act (CLRA) which prohibits 23 types of unlawful activities pertaining to the advertising of products.
  • The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, commonly known as Proposition 65, which helps Californians limit their exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals.
  • The Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA), which requires that “consumer commodities” have labels stating a variety of information including the net contents and the name and location of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor.

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