Misleading Product Labels

About Misleading Product Labels

Every day, people are confronted with a variety of information to help shape their product purchasing decisions. Magazine articles provide product reviews, friends and co-workers make recommendations, and, frequently, people rely on the labels on the products themselves to choose what to buy.

Recognizing the power of the label, there is always a risk that a company might use a misleading or deceptive label on its products to boost sales. Misleading labels can contain anything from misleading “green” claims or false “all natural” claims, to misleading organic claims or “raised without antibiotics” claims.

Gibbs Law Group’ Misleading Product Label Lawyers

Taking into account the unfair advantage companies gain through false labeling, federal and state governments to protect consumers through laws such as the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA) and the Consumer Legal Remedies Act (CLRA), which give people legal recourse against misleading and deceptive labels.

Gibbs Law Group’ false advertising lawyers have dedicated their careers to the protection of consumers against abuses of their trust. Our attorneys have successfully prosecuted lawsuits for the use of false labels, including in the Amerigas Propane, Inc suit, in which consumers were allegedly misled as to the volume of propane in propane tanks. In addition, we recently brought suit on behalf of consumers alleging that Brazilian Blowout hair product falsely labels and advertises its product as formaldehyde free.

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