Unordered Merchandise

Billed for something you didn't order?

In legal terms, the phrase “unordered merchandise” refers to a situation where you are billed for something you didn’t order. For instance, you receive shirt that you never ordered and then a bill and notices demanding payment. Or you responded to an ad for a “free” trial of a cosmetic product, but when you receive that product it comes with a bill.

Federal laws prohibit sending unordered merchandise to consumers and then demanding payment or assessing unauthorized charges.

Unordered Merchandise Class Action Lawsuits

At Gibbs Law Group, we represent victims of unordered merchandise to stop this practice and reverse unauthorized charges.

HCI/Silkies Unordered Merchandise Class Action Suit

Gibbs Law Group filed a lawsuit against HCI Direct, Inc. alleging that HCI advertised a free pair of Silkies brand hosiery but failed to adequately disclose that people who signed up would be billed for additional hosiery. Gibbs Law Group negotiated a settlement to stop this practice and with a cash fund of up to $9 million for consumer reimbursements in cash.

Girls Gone Wild Class Action Lawsuit

Gibbs Law Group filed a lawsuit against Mantra Film & MRA Holdings alleging that when customers placed an order they were unknowingly signed up for a monthly video club membership and charged for unordered videos, plus shipping and handling fees, without their consent. The settlement provided affected customers cash reimbursements and more.

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