Cell Phone Privacy

Does Your Cell Phone Collect Personal Information?

People rely on cell phones more than ever, and with modern smart phone technology, more and more cell phone users are storing and transmitting their personal and private information on their phones. If that information is collected or accessed without your knowledge or permission, you and others may have the right to sue those responsible.

Our privacy lawyers represent consumers whose cell phone privacy rights have been violated, including those whose private and personal information was tracked or collected from their cell phone.

Cell Phone & Smart Phone Privacy Violations & Risks

Privacy violations may involve:

Smart Phone Applications, also known as “apps,” may have access to cell phone users’ private information. If app companies collect or use that information without the cell phone users’ knowledge and permission, they may be liable under various privacy laws.

Cellular & Wireless Companies have access to their customers’ private information, including location and financial information associated with their accounts. Cell phone companies have an obligation to protect and keep their customers’ information private.

Third-party data collectors may intercept cell phone users’ private information during a wireless call or other type of transmission. Unauthorized collection of this information is illegal under various consumer protection laws.

Cell Phone Privacy Violation Class Action Lawsuit

iPhone & iPad Apple Store Applications Class Action Lawsuit

Gibbs Law Group represents iPhone, iPod, and iPad users in a class action suit against Apple for violations of their privacy. The class action alleges that Apple claims its App Store only feature apps that Apple has screened and approved “in order to protect consumer privacy;” however, many these apps actually access, collect, and transmit customers’ data without their knowledge or approval.

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