False Nutritional Claims Lawsuit

September 29, 2011

Consumers File False Advertising Suit Against Nutella

In February 2011, consumers filed a false advertising lawsuit against Ferrero U.S.A., Inc., based on allegations that the company falsely advertised its popular product, Nutella, as being nutritious. The consumers argued that due to misleading labeling, they purchased Nutella believing that the spread would help their health and the health of their families. According to the complaint, the product contains about 70% saturated fat and processed sugar by weight, ingredients that “significantly contribute to America’s alarming increase in childhood obesity”.

Nutella False Nutritional Claims Class Action Lawsuit

The plaintiffs noted instances of alleged deceptive advertising. They argued that the product’s label and advertisements misrepresents the nutritional value of Nutella, by saying:

  • “an example of a tasty yet balanced breakfast”
  • “a balanced breakfast is key to a great start each morning for the entire family, especially for children”
  • “Nutella ® can form part of a balanced meal”

The plaintiffs also pointed to images in Nutella’s advertisements which show “a mother feeding Nutella® to happy, healthy children.”

Other Recent False Health Suits against Food and Beverage Companies

The Nutella class action lawsuit is just one in a string of recent misleading food label class actions brought by consumers against food and beverage companies that allegedly violated false advertising law when marketing their products. For example, consumers recently filed suit against Ben & Jerry’s and Snapple, alleging that products manufactured by the companies use misleading “all natural” labels. Consumers also alleged that food and drink products from Kashi an AriZona were falsely advertised as “all natural”.

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