Ford Explorer Loss of Power Investigation

Consumer protection attorneys at Gibbs Law Group are investigating reports that 2016 model year Ford Explorer vehicles are experiencing a sudden loss of engine power and speed due to a defective throttle body.

In complaints posted on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website, Ford Explorer owners are reporting that their vehicles suddenly lose power while driving, forcing them to coast to a stop on the side of the road. The loss of power reportedly happens when the vehicles are moving at high speeds.

Owners report a spontaneous loss of control over the speed of their vehicle, and that pressing down on the accelerator pedal has little or no effect. This result has been termed the “limp home mode,” which means that the vehicle can only drive at very low speeds.

Ford Explorer Wrench Light

Many complaints state that when the power loss occurs, the vehicles’ dashboard lights turn on, including the engine and wrench icons along with the words “See Manual.”



Sudden Loss of Power in Your Ford Explorer?

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No Easy Fixes are Yet Available

Owners have reported that automotive mechanics and Ford dealers have offered several fixes, such as replacing the throttle body and updating the vehicle’s software, with mixed results.

Complaints posted online also indicate that replacement throttle bodies for the Ford Explorer are often unavailable when owners bring their vehicles into the dealership, and they are forced to wait several days for a back-ordered part to arrive.

Explorer Drivers Complain about Loss of Engine Power

Below are several examples of the reports posted on the NHTSA website:

‘I lost control on acceleration’

I was driving down I-295 with a speed of 65 mph when I saw a wrench icon on the dash board light up and I lost control on acceleration. No power even though you are stepping on the gas you slowly decelerate like you placed the car in neutral. The next day I called up the service dept of my dealer. Explained to the tech what had happened and without hesitation he replied “you have to change the throttle body, it’s defective.”

‘Obviously a common, dangerous problem.’

Driving on interstate highway, wrench light came on, loss of acceleration, limped to side of road. Was on vacation, brought car to dealer, needed throttle body and was told Ford has a 23 day back order on part so this is obviously a common, dangerous problem. Ford would not pay for comparable rental car.

‘I am terrified of driving it now.’

I was driving my 2016 Ford Explorer on a busy street when the engine light and the orange wrench light came on. The car stalled and would not accelerate. It lost all power. I am terrified of driving it now. It would not move faster than 5 miles per hour. The car has 6,000 miles on it.

‘Needs a recall!!’

I was driving 45mph on a busy street when suddenly the car just stalled. I had kids in the back seat and frantically pressed the gas pedal which pressed down but nothing happened. The wrench and check engine light illuminated. Luckily, I was able to put my hazards on and pull over. We are so fortunate we didn’t reach the highway yet on this busy holiday weekend. I am sure it would have ended differently. This is a very dangerous situation and needs to be addressed. What good is a new car if you can’t trust it? Hoping the throttle body is a reconfigured part when they fix it. Needs a recall!!

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