GNC Illegal Synthetic Ingredients Lawsuit

Supplements May Contain Picamilon, Acacia Rigidula and BMPEA

Our attorneys have filed a class action lawsuit alleging that General Nutrition Company (GNC) knowingly sold products containing unlawful synthetic chemicals to consumers.

According to the lawsuit, certain dietary supplements sold by GNC were spiked with illegal and potentially dangerous substances: picamilon, BMPEA, and acacia rigidula. The Food and Drug Administration has stated in warning letters to manufacturers as well as in an official declaration that picamilon, BMPEA, and acacia rigidula are not approved “dietary ingredients” under federal law and therefore cannot lawfully be sold to consumers.

The complaint, last amended in April 2016, alleges that by knowingly selling dietary supplements labeled with picamilon, BMPEA, and acacia rigidula, GNC falsely represented to consumers that these substances were safe and approved for sale as dietary ingredients. The suit also alleges that certain other supplements sold by GNC contained undisclosed BMPEA falsely labeled as acacia rigidula.

The first amended consolidated complaint asks the court to certify a nationwide class of affected consumers, as well as subclasses of consumers from Arkansas, California, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

GNC has moved to dismiss the complaint, and Plaintiffs have opposed the motion. The district court is currently considering the motion.

What Are Picamilon, Acacia Rigidula, and BMPEA?

Picamilon is a synthetic chemical developed by researchers in the former Soviet Union. It is used as a prescription drug in Russia for a variety of neurological conditions but has never been approved for prescription or other use in the United States.

BMPEA is an amphetamine-like synthetic chemical that is not found in nature. Its effects on humans are largely unknown but a study has linked the chemical to the occurrence of hemorrhagic stroke. The use of BMPEA has been banned by the World Anti-Doping Organization.

Acacia rigidula is a botanical extract that the FDA has stated has no history of safe use.

Did You Buy Affected Dietary Supplements from GNC?

If you believe that you used one of GNC’s dietary supplements containing picamilon, BMPEA, or acacia rigidula and want to receive updates about the case, fill out the form to the right. You may also receive a free consultation with our attorneys by filling out the form or calling toll-free (800) 254-9493.

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Affected Products

Products with Picamilon
Charge Extreme Energy Booster Labrada Bodybuilding Nutrition
Lean Body for Her Fat Burner Labrada Bodybuilding Nutrition
Lean Body Hi Energy Fat Burn Labrada Bodybuilding Nutrition
Testek QNT International, Inc.
Riptek V2 QNT International, Inc.
Tru Mangodrin Truderma, LLC
Turbo Shred Swole Sports Nutrition
Jacked Pack BD Health Partners
Mr. Hyde- Fruit Punch Prosupps USA LLC
Mr. Hyde – Watermelon Prosupps USA LLC
Dr. Jekyll- Power Punch Prosupps USA LLC
Dr. Jekyll- Watermelon Prosupps USA LLC
Mr. Hyde- Orange Guava Prosupps USA LLC
Vanish Bonus Prosupps USA LLC
Mr. Hyde- Red Razz Prosupps USA LLC
Mr. Hyde RTD Blue Razz Prosupps USA LLC
Mr. Hyde – Blue Razz Prosupps USA LLC
Mr. Hyde RTD Fruit Punch Prosupps USA LLC
Nirvana Sensatus Group LLC
ENGN Fruit Punch Evlution Nutrition
ENGN Blue Raz Evlution Nutrition
ENGN Green Apple Evlution Nutrition


Products with Acacia Rigidula
Hit Fastin XR Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals
Lipodrene XR Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals
Fastin XR DMAA Free Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals
Jetfuel Superburn World Health Products LLC
Green Coffee Bean + Energy Rightway Nutrition
MX-LS7 Isatori Global Technologies


Products Labeled with BMPEA
Fastin High Tech Pharmaceuticals
Fastin DMAA Free High Tech Pharmaceuticals
Meltdown Watermelon VPX Sports, Inc.
Meltdown Peach Mango VPX Sports, Inc.
Meltdown Exotic Fruit VPX Sports, Inc.
Lipo 6 Black Nutrex Research
Meltdown VPX Sports, Inc.
Redline Ultra Hardcore Twinpk VPX Sports, Inc.
Redline Ultra Hardcore Bonus VPX Sports, Inc.
Redline Ultra Hardcore VPX Sports, Inc.
Redline Hardcore Blister Pak VPX Sports, Inc.
Fruit N.O. Shotgun VPX Sports, Inc.
Grp Bgum Shotgun V3 VPX Sports, Inc.
Craze — Candy Grape Driven Sports
Vanish Bonus Prosupps USA LLC
Shredz Burner Shredz Supplements
Iso Lean 2 VPX Sports, Inc.
Iso Lean 3 VPX Sports, Inc.
Methyl Drive 2.0 VPX Sports, Inc.

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