Mercedes Metris Fumes Lawsuit Investigation

Our auto defect attorneys are investigating reports that drivers are detecting fumes when driving their 2016 Mercedes Metris cargo vans. Drivers have reported that fumes can enter the cabin and accumulate while driving.

Fumes in your Mercedes Metris?

If your Mercedes Metris cargo van fills with fumes when you drive, or if you have not yet identified the source of any drowsiness while driving, you may be affected by our class action investigation. Call toll-free 800-254-9493 to learn more and get a free legal consultation.

Driver Complaints about Cabin Fumes

A number of drivers have described their experiences online:

“Gasoline smell noticed in and around vehicle after 5 minutes while idling cold. After driving approximately 10 minutes gasoline smell increased inside vehicle to the extent that vehicle had to be stopped, windows rolled down and fumes dissipated . . . Day of severe incident was extreme cold. Issue severe enough I’m apprehensive to drive the vehicle.”

“On the really cold mornings I warm up the van for 5+ min and when I get near it, a really strong smell of gas is inside and outside the van.”

“13 degrees out, started the van to warm up and about 10 minutes later had a fairly strong gas smell in the garage and inside the van . . . Stuck in traffic due to hazardous conditions and the gas smell becomes almost overwhelming. Had to roll down the windows, turn around and limp home.”

“Well count me in for the gas smell. It started today at 2,834 miles. I smell it inside the cargo van and outside.”

“Mercedes metris van fuel smell while vehicle was at idle warming up for winter driving.”

Some drivers report the fumes appear stronger or more noticeable after the vans have been driven for a period of time, while sitting at slow speeds, and while idling in the cold.

Drivers have also reported having to wait an “extended period of time” for dealerships to repair the vehicles because they must order new parts from Germany, leaving drivers without their vehicles while the dealerships wait for parts.

Automotive Fume Class Action — An Example

This is not the first instance in which drivers have reported fume problems with their vehicles. Recently drivers of Ford Explorers with fume issues sought relief in court. In Sanchez-Knutson v. Ford, Ford Explorers were emitting exhaust smells in the passenger cabin. The parties reached a settlement on the eve of trial. Under the settlement:

  1. Ford issued a bulletin with repair instructions
  2. Ford sent notices to drivers about the problem
  3. Drivers who spent money on odor repairs were entitled to reimbursement

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