Nestle Bottled Water Lawsuit: Company Claims Nestle Spring Water is Fake

October 23, 2012

A recent news article reported that a Chicago-based commercial faucet company filed a false advertising lawsuit against Nestlé Waters North America, Inc., claiming that Nestlé bottled water products were falsely advertised as spring water.  The class action suit was filed on behalf of consumers in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Missouri.

The Plaintiff, a company named Chicago Faucet Shoppe, Inc., stated that it signed an initial contract with Nestlé to receive regular office deliveries of 5-gallon bottles containing Ice Mountain Brand Natural Spring Water in 2008.  Chicago Faucet Shoppe said that one of their executives was tipped off to the possible deceptive advertising while discussing water delivery with a Nestlé employee in July 2012.

In its complaint, Chicago Faucet Shoppe noted that due to a discrepancy between Nestlé’s website, print, and truck advertisements, customers could be led to believe that Nestlé’s Mountain Brand Natural Spring Water product is spring-sourced on delivery, when the actual product is really repackaged tap water.

Nestlé Bottled Water False Advertising Class Action Lawsuit

According to the complaint, Nestlé is the top seller of bottled water in the United States, with a 36.4 percent share of the U.S. market in 2010 and sales of $4.3 billion.  According to NPR, a subsidiary of Nestlé known as Poland Spring Water Co. faced a very similar class action lawsuit in June 2003.  The case ultimately settled out of court and Nestlé agreed to pay $10 million in charitable donations and discounts.

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