Bard Mesh Implants

Bard Medical manufactures a line of medical products and devices that includes several kinds of transvaginal surgical mesh devices. Numerous lawsuits have been filed alleging dangerous vaginal mesh complications unwarned of by Bard.

501(k) Approval of Bard Medical Devices

Bard Medical brought numerous vaginal mesh implants to the market through the special 501(k) process, which allows for fast-tracked FDA approval for devices substantially similar to devices the FDA previously approved. This process allows products to be brought to market without the full testing for safety and effectiveness generally required for new products.

Bard Mesh Products

Prolapse repair products brought to market by Bard include:

  • Alyte Y-Mesh Graft
  • Avaulta Solo Anterior and Posterior
  • Avaulta Plus Anterior and Posterior
  • Faslata Allograft
  • Pelvicol Acellular Collagen Matrix (Pelvicol Pelvisoft Tissue)
  • Pelvisoft BioMesh
  • Pelvitex

Bard bladder sling products include:

  • Ajust Adjustable Single-Incision Sling
  • Align Urethral Support System
  • Pelvilace BioUretral Support System
  • Pelvilace Trans-Obturator BioUrethral Support System
  • Uretex Self-Anchoring Urethral Support System
  • Uretex Trans-Obturator Urethral Support System

Complications with Bard Mesh Products Lead to Product Discontinuation and Lawsuits

After FDA warnings on the dangers associated with transvaginal mesh products, Bard discontinued producing the Avaulta line of products. This follows a Class 1 FDA recall of another Bard mesh product, the Composix Kugel Mesh Patch used to treat hernias.

Lawsuits have now been filed on behalf of women who suffered injuries allegedly resulting from the defective nature of the mesh products. Thus far, some women have been awarded millions for their injuries.

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