Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit Filed Against Tricor

February 5, 2013

On February 1, 2013, the employment lawyers at Gibbs Law Group LLP filed a minimum wage and overtime class action lawsuit against Tricor America, Inc., a California-based courier and cargo service provider. The complaint alleges that Tricor unlawfully denied minimum and overtime wages to its workforce, failed to provide employees with full payment of all wages owed at termination, and failed to reimburse employees for expenses. The lawsuit alleges that Tricor violated California labor laws, and seeks to recover unpaid wages for current and former Tricor drivers who worked in the state of California over the past four years.

A sizeable amount of Tricor’s employee base consists of drivers who operate cargo vans to make deliveries and transport various goods throughout the state. Many of these drivers are first generation immigrants who speak English as a second language. The complaint also alleges that the company deducted workday hours for unpaid meal breaks despite drivers’ reports indicating that no break was taken.

Employers are required by law to maintain accurate records of hours worked by their employees. California is one of several states with stringent requirements regarding overtime pay for certain employees who work more than eight hours in one day, or 40 hours in one week. Depending on the circumstances, one of the most effective ways to recover unpaid overtime compensation or wages is to file a class action.

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