Vote No on Proposition 22: A Bad Deal for Gig Workers

October 7, 2020

Gibbs Law Group is strongly opposed to Proposition 22, which is a corporate-sponsored, coordinated effort by Lyft, Uber and other companies to protect their profits and strip workers of their legal rights and protections under California Law.   If it passes, Prop 22 will decrease drivers’ pay and deprive them of important protections such as paid sick leave, unemployment insurance, reimbursements for expenses and more.

Prop 22 Will Drastically Reduce Drivers’ Pay

If it passes, Prop 22 will significantly reduce wages for gig economy workers.  A UC Berkeley Labor Center study found that Prop 22 would allow Lyft, Uber, and others to get away with paying only $5.64/hour, which is less than half the California required minimum wage of $12.00/hour (some local minimum wages are even higher).

$200 Million Spent by Corporations to Trick Voters About Prop 22

These corporations have already spent nearly $200 million in their effort to confuse voters; this is the most money ever spent on a California ballot initiative. They falsely claim that Prop 22 is the only way to protect the job flexibility that drivers prefer, and that Prop 22 provides drivers with benefits. They’ve even gone so far as to threaten to leave the state if they don’t get their way.

These companies are spending that money to buy an exemption from California law so that they don’t have to treat drivers fairly. They are spending that money so that they can buy an exemption from the requirement to give drivers all of the benefits that employees are entitled to under the law. They are spending that money so that they can continue with business as usual, while pretending to care about their drivers.

Current Law is Better for Workers

Corporations like Lyft and Uber already have the power to provide job flexibility, and benefits AND obey the law.  But doing so is inconvenient for the companies and decreases their corporate profits.  Instead, they would prefer to ignore California law so that they can pay themselves instead of paying drivers fairly.

What can you do to help?

According to polls, Californians are evenly balanced for and against Prop 22, with 25% undecided.  However, corporations are spending record-breaking amounts of money to disseminate their false narrative.  Sign up to take action against Prop 22, or learn more here.  You can also share this information with friends and drivers, or on social media.  More information is available at

Gibbs Law Group Protects Workers’ Rights

Gibbs Law Group is committed to advocating for workers.  Our employment attorneys have been representing employees nationwide in litigation for over 20 years. We have successfully forced employers to stop unlawful employment practices across the country and ensured that employees get the pay and benefits they’re owed.

Regardless of what happens, here at Gibbs Law Group, we will continue to fight for workers’ rights.  We hope you will join us in rejecting this attempt to buy an exemption from the laws meant to protect employees.