Expense Reimbursements

Are you being properly reimbursed for your business expenses?

California labor law requires that employers reimburse their employees for a variety of expenses incurred in the course of their employment. Reimbursable expenses may include the costs of uniforms, tools, mileage reimbursements, as well as meals and lodging when travelling for work. If the employer does not reimburse its employees correctly, it may be required to pay the reimbursements, as well as interest and attorneys’ fees.

What type of expenses are reimburseable?

  • Unifoms
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Travel Expenses
  • Mileage Expenses

Does my employer have to pay for my uniform?

Many employers require that their employees wear uniforms while on the job. While not all required apparel may be considered a “uniform” under California labor law, an employer may have to pay for any required apparel with a distinctive color or design, such as shirts that have the employer’s logo or emblem. Employers can also dictate the color, quality, style of the uniforms their employees wear, but in some cases an employer must also compensate employees for any out-of-pocket costs to clean and maintain the uniform, such as dry cleaning expenses.

Does my employer have to pay for my tools and equipment?

The use of tools and equipment is often necessary in order to perform certain job functions. Generally, employers must supply the tools and equipment or provide appropriate reimbursement to the employee for any incurred expenses. If either the tools or the equipment require special maintenance the employer may also be required to pay for it or provide a full reimbursement.

Can I be reimbursed for travel expenses?

Employers may be held accountable for reimbursing an employee for necessary and reasonable travel expenses. These types of expenses typically include meals, lodging, and other incidental expenses which are incurred when an employee travels away from home on business. The employee is generally responsible for providing receipts to verify their reimbursable expenses.

What about vehicle and mileage expenses?

California labor law provides that driving and transportation costs must be reimbursed by an employer if an employee uses his or her personal vehicle to perform job related duties (i.e. travel from worksite to worksite). In the majority of instances, employers are not obligated to provide mileage expense reimbursements to employees for driving to and from work.

What can I do if I think my employer owes me reimbursements?

If you believe your employer has not fully compensated you for your business expenses please call (866) 981-4800 or fill out the form on the right for a free and confidential consultation with one of our employment lawyers.

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