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Whistleblower Lawyers

Helping whistleblowers fight fraud against the government

Gibbs Law Group’s whistleblower attorneys assist individuals across the country who have learned of fraud committed against the state or federal government by helping them file lawsuits to recoup government losses, and to potentially earn whistleblower rewards in the process. Our whistleblower lawyers have worked with attorneys representing government agencies nationwide, and have experience litigating whistleblower cases involving pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies, healthcare providers, and insurance companies.

The Whistleblower practice at Gibbs Law Group incorporates:

  • Healthcare fraud
  • Pharmaceutical fraud
  • Kickback schemes
  • Selling defective or substandard products to the government
  • Government contractor fraud
  • SEC regulation violations

The attorneys of Gibbs Law Group’s whistleblower practice understand the importance of confidentiality and trust throughout the process of opening, filing, and litigating a case on the behalf of the government. We are sensitive to the concerns and needs of each of our whistleblower clients and are committed to obtaining favorable results for them, and for the government.