Homeowner’s Insurance Rate Investigation

Homeowners Report Unjustified Premium Increases of up to 100%

A class action lawsuit investigation has been opened into whether certain insurance companies have been luring in consumers by offering a low premium, only to increase the premium by up 100% in later years without clearly disclosing this increase.

Representative complaints include:

“My 1st year premium [with Liberty Mutual] was reasonable, but when it renewed they bumped it up by almost 50% and told me that it was because my home no longer qualified for a new home discount. Next year they bumped it another 30-40% with no reason given. So, in a matter of two years my premiums went up from roughly $1100 to $2200, despite no claims or change in my credit profile.”

“I got ‘Blindsided’ by Liberty Mutual; a 45% premium increase in annual premium and no claims by me, ever!”

“I left Liberty Mutual after four 20% increases . . .”

“Everything looked fine from what I could tell until I got to the third page. The total price to renew the policy [went up] 36%?!?!?” [Progressive Insurance]

Big Rate Increases on Homeowner’s Insurance may be Deceptive

Many consumers never even notice that their premiums have increased. This can be because insurance companies often disclose premiums for renewed policies in an envelope marked “This Is Not a Bill,” or because, in some cases, premiums are paid out of escrow withdrawals, or because insurance companies do not disclose that the rate is being increased.

Gibbs Law Group is currently investigating claims that these alleged bait & switch practices violate state consumer protection laws.

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