Pacific Fertility Center Lawsuit: Important Deadline for Those Affected by the 2018 Pacific Fertility Center Tank Failure

February 4, 2019

San Francisco-based law firm Girard Sharp LLP, along with Gibbs Law Group, want to alert those affected by the 2018 Pacific Fertility Center tank failure that the upcoming one-year anniversary of the incident marks an important deadline for the filing of potential legal claims: certain claims may expire after March 4, 2019 due to statute of limitations. Individuals and families who were affected by the Pacific Fertility Center equipment failure and would like to understand their legal rights in the Pacific Fertility Center Lawsuit are urged to contact our team at (415) 981-4800.

Hundreds of families and individuals have filed claims arising out of the March 4, 2018 tank failure at Pacific Fertility Center, in which a cryo-preservation tank holding thousands of eggs and embryos failed. According to the lawsuit, one month after the tank failure incident, Chart Industries, the manufacturer of the tank, issued a recall of several cryo-preservation tanks citing reports of issues with “vacuum leak or failure.”

Last year, the federal judge overseeing the Pacific Fertility Center lawsuit appointed our team to a leadership position, with responsibility for directing and prosecuting claims against defendants Pacific Fertility Center, Prelude Fertility, Inc. (a company also responsible for egg and embryo storage at the time of the incident), and the manufacturer of the cryo-storage tank, Chart Industries. The cases have been progressing despite Defendants’ ongoing attempts to have the lawsuits removed from San Francisco federal court and sent to confidential, binding arbitrations. We have been leading efforts to oppose arbitration and to obtain detailed information from the defendants to uncover exactly what caused PFC’s cryo-storage tanks to fail, and how the failure might have been avoided.

“We have been on the front lines of this case from the outset, and we are committed to fighting for the rights of those individuals and families who have been affected by this tragedy,” said Dena Sharp of Girard Sharp. “We will continue to zealously advocate to hold those responsible for the tank failure accountable.”

“In speaking with many individuals whose lives were affected by the tank failure, we know it takes time to digest the impact,” said Amy Zeman of Gibbs Law Group. “We want to ensure that those affected are aware that the passage of time affects their rights so that they are able to make informed decisions about whether to take action.”

Our lawyers are providing free, confidential case evaluations for anyone affected by the Pacific Fertility Center tank failure. For more information about the lawsuit, or to contact our team, visit or call (415) 981-4800. Our attorneys pride themselves on being there for our clients at every stage of the litigation, from intake through verdict or settlement.

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