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Fighting Stock Fraud: Protecting Shareholders

In recent years, investors have not only seen their portfolios battered but have also witnessed some of the biggest cases of stock fraud in recent memory. After a recent string of scandals, not only were thousands of investors’ rights violated but they were stuck holding the tab for hundreds of billions of dollars in devalued shares.

Gibbs Law Group’ stock fraud attorneys have decades of experience enforcing federal and state securities laws and protecting the rights of victims of stock fraud. Stock fraud covers everything from misrepresentations of a company or a company’s earnings on SEC filings and financial reports to insider trading.

Our attorneys can help investors recover investment losses involving:

Past Successes

i2 Technologies $88 million recovery on behalf of the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System
Prison Realty $100 million for investors after false statements were made in the context of a merger
Qwest $45 million in damages recovered for the California State Teachers’ Retirement System

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