Vanguard Lawsuit | High Capital Gains Taxes in 2021?

Interested in a Vanguard Lawsuit?


  • Invest in a Vanguard target date fund?
  • Through a Vanguard brokerage account?

IF SO, you may have received an enormous capital gains tax bill because of how Vanguard managed your investment. Our law firm can help recover your loss.

In 2021, Vanguard allegedly made changes to its Target Date Funds to help some of their biggest and wealthiest investors pay less. As a result of these changes, many ordinary retail investors were surprised with an enormous capital gains tax bill, according to news reports.

Many people are filing lawsuits against Vanguard. Don’t miss your chance to recover what was lost.

High Capital-Gains taxes from Vanguard Target Date Fund?

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Vanguard Lawsuit – Why Is Vanguard Being Sued?

A 2022 Vanguard Lawsuit alleges that Vanguard violated its legal duties to investors, costing investors across the nation “hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.” According to the lawsuit, Vanguard acted to lower the costs for some of its wealthier investors but doing so forced ordinary investors to pay huge capital gains taxes.
If that weren’t enough, Vanguard was allegedly able to lower the costs for their wealthier investors without hurting its ordinary taxable investors. According to the lawsuit, “(Vanguard) either did not even consider these options, or did not care about hurting its smaller, taxable investors.
In short, according to the lawsuit, Vanguard is being sued because the company treated its everyday retail investors in ways that were either “grossly negligent, reckless, or in bad faith.”

If you are one of the many Vanguard investors surprised with huge Capital gains taxes, Contact our Attorneys today

Want to pursue a lawsuit against Vanguard? These questions can help determine if you have a claim

If you have read the recent news reports about lawsuits against Vanguard, you may be asking yourself, “Do I have a claim against Vanguard?”

Here is a good 3-part test that will help you figure out if you paid too much.

  1. Do I own shares in a Vanguard Target Date Fund?
  2. Are these shares in a Vanguard Brokerage Account? (Not a retirement account like a 401k or an IRA)
  3. Are the capital gains distributions on my Vanguard 1099 form higher in 2021 than they were in 2020? (You can find this information on Schedule D, Line 13 of your 1099 form that Vanguard sends you)

If you answered yes to all three, you may have a claim. Contact our attorneys for a consultation.

Massachusetts Vanguard Settlement: Vanguard agrees to $6.25 Million settlement

More than 5,000 Massachusetts investors are set to receive a payout from Vanguard, per Reuters. Allegedly, many of these investors had been hit with unusually high Capital-Gains taxes because of how Vanguard managed their Target Retirement Date funds.

“These extraordinary capital gains were caused by Vanguard’s conscious decision to benefit ultra-wealthy shareholders over Main Street investors,” Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin

Although Vanguard denies any wrongdoing, the Massachusetts Securities Division claims that Vanguard did not give investors adequate warning about these high capital gains taxes.

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