GWG Holdings Lawsuit

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  • What are the GWG lawsuits about?

    We are helping L Bond investors file legal claims against brokerage firms that marketed and sold the bonds.
  • What did the brokerages do wrong?

    Brokerages allegedly ignored years of GWG red flags in order to make a profit, telling investors that L Bonds were safe, but they were actually risky.
  • What is the goal of this lawsuit?

    We are helping L Bond investors recover their GWG investment losses through arbitration.

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Our L Bond attorneys were the first to take an L Bond case against a brokerage firm to trial and win!

We recently convinced a panel of arbitrators that L Bonds were an unsuitable investment, and that the brokerage failed to properly inform clients of the risks. The panel ordered the brokerage to pay our clients $246,000 plus interest.

In another win, an arbitrator awarded nearly $100,000 to our client, explaining that L Bonds are “not a suitable investment for the [client,] or perhaps anyone,” as reported by Investment News. 

The question is why anyone would recommend this product to a client […] This case is not about the customer, it’s about the product. The arbitrators appear shocked to hear billions of dollars of this stuff is sold.” – Scott Silver 

Trusted by Hundreds of Investors: Over $1.5 Million Recovered for GWG Holdings investors

Our legal team has been helping GWG investors recover money for nearly two years, and has already recovered over $1.6 million for GWG Investors. We have resolved dozens of claims and put hard-earned money back in our clients’ pockets.  

Latest News on the L Bond Bankruptcy

What’s Going On with GWG Holdings?

For the latest news and updates for GWG L Bond bondholders, visit our GWG Holdings Updates page.


Frequently Asked Questions about a GWG Lawsuit

What did brokerages do wrong? Brokerage firms have a legal responsibility to conduct due diligence on the investment products they offer. Many brokerage firms ignored obvious warning signs that GWG was a bad investment, but sold GWG L Bonds their clients anyway, so they could take home up to an 8% commission on each L Bond sale.  

Do you have to sue your broker? No. We are filing legal claims against the brokerage firms that offered GWG, not the broker themselves. The brokerage firms select the investment product that advisors may offer to their clients. Many brokerages across the nation encouraged the sale of risky and speculative GWG L Bonds – it’s time to hold them accountable.  

GWG L-Bond Investors - Act Now, Not Later

The bankruptcy is unlikely to resolve quickly, and based on other bankruptcy proceedings, it is unlikely that investors will get significant financial recoveries through the bankruptcy process.  

 Some investors have been waiting to file a legal claim until the bankruptcy is further along, but these investors may be at the back of the line when it’s too late some brokerages have also gone bankrupt, and the passage of time can affect investors’ legal rights to file claims.  

Filing a claim NOW will save your spot in line and give you a better chance at a quick and meaningful recovery

L-Bond Recovery Lawyers

Our L-Bond recovery lawyers have recovered over $1 billion dollars on behalf of our clients against some of the largest corporations in the world. Read more about ourresults. 

Award-Winning Florida-Based Law Firm

“My in-laws lost their retirement funds to a dishonest broker. Silver Law Group and Scott Silver aggressively pursued their losses until he got their money back.”

-Silver Law Group client, Ben M.


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Award-Winning California-Based Law Firm

“You and your entire staff have been wonderfully organized, professional and a delight to hear from. Usually that is not the case when dealing with legal matters – but you guys (gals) rock.”

-Gibbs Law Group client, Amy

Praise from the Courts

Federal judge in our AT&T class action:

“I’ve always found them to be extraordinary counsel in terms of their preparation and their professionalism.”

Federal judge in our Chase lawsuit (resulting in $100 million settlement):

They “fought tooth and nail, down to the wire” to achieve “the best settlement that they could under the circumstances.”

Read more about what judges say about us.

GWG L-Bond Lawsuit - How much will it cost?

We pursue cases on behalf of our clients on a “contingency fee basis”. This means that pursing a GWG L bond lawsuit against your brokerage will cost you nothing unless we win, and even then, you pay nothing out-of-pocket (our attorneys’ fees and costs are deducted from your recovery).

There is no financial downside to you if you pursue a legal claim—you only stand to recover additional funds.

L-Bond Recovery - How long will it take?

These legal claims typically take between 9-16 months to resolve. 

 The cases go through a process called arbitration, which is typically much faster than court cases (including bankruptcy cases). 

Filing a GWG L-Bond Claim - Is it difficult?

The reason to hire good lawyers is that they make the process easy for you, and you feel comfortable with your them.

We take our commitment seriously to keep the burden on our clients to the bare minimum.

As in any legal case, you will need to provide us with certain documents and information and communicate with us as the case progresses.

You will not need to sit for a deposition. The process for suing a brokerage typically involves less work and is much quicker than filing a lawsuit in court

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Gibbs Law Group’s financial fraud and securities lawyers have more than two decades of experience prosecuting fraud. The firm has successfully litigated against some of the largest companies in the United States, and has recovered more than a billion dollars on clients’ behalf.

Gibbs Law Group attorneys have fought some of the most complex cases brought under federal and state laws nationwide, and have been recognized with numerous awards and honors for their accomplishments, including Top 100 Super Lawyers in Northern CaliforniaTop Plaintiff Lawyers in CaliforniaThe Best Lawyers in America, and rated AV Preeminent (among the highest class of attorneys for professional ethics and legal skills).

Silver Law Group

Silver Law Group is a team of securities lawyers, forensic accountants, and support staff who are dedicated to helping investors recover losses through securities arbitration and litigation.

The firm is led by Scott Silver, a former Wall Street defense attorney who has been representing customers in securities and investment fraud cases since 2002. Scott is admitted to practice in New York and Florida and the firm’s FINRA arbitration attorneys represents investors nationwide.

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