Auto Defects

Protecting consumers from car & auto defects

Gibbs Law Group’ car & auto attorneys have successfully litigated lawsuits involving defective vehicle parts and safety defects. We have taken on the nation’s largest auto manufacturers and have achieved substantial benefits for our clients, including free repairs and cash reimbursements. Most recently, we successfully resolved class action lawsuits brought against Honda & Acura, Toyota, and Hyundai.

Auto defect class action lawsuits

Auto defects can cause a variety of problems for drivers, including expensive repairs, unusable vehicles, costly alternative transportation costs, and dangerous driving conditions. The law requires that auto manufacturers’  vehicles meet minimum standards of safety. Over the years, vehicles have evolved to include high-tech safety systems and anti-collision devices, in addition to airbags and seatbelts. Unfortunately, when these new technologies do not work as intended,  they can cause additional safety-related concerns for drivers and their passengers.

In many cases, when one person is dealing with an auto defect, others are experiencing the same problem. At Gibbs Law Group, we represent consumers in car and auto class action lawsuits, which allow consumers to join together to bring legal claims against car manufacturers. Class action lawsuits allow courts to process thousands of claims in one case.

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