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These days it might feel like everything is getting more expensive, and there is nothing you can do about it. However, a recent energy lawsuit against Engie Power & Gas shows that YOU have the power to tell your energy company that enough is enough. Engie has been accused of deceptive pricing practices that have cost customers like YOU considerable amounts of money.

If YOU get an Engie energy bill every month . . .

You may have a legal claim against Engie Power and Gas for overcharging you . . .

We might be able to help you get YOUR money back!

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Lawsuit against Engie Power and Gas for High Energy prices

Engie Power & Gas provides electricity plans to small businesses in Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. A recent lawsuit accused Engie Power & Gas of deceptive pricing practices that have allegedly caused thousands of customers to pay unfair rates for energy.

Many customers may not even know that they are overpaying every month.


What does the lawsuit claim that Engie do wrong?

  1. Engie offered new customers an initial FIXED energy rate that was below the market rate.
  2. After a couple months, Engie started charging those customers a VARIABLE energy rate that was about 2x the market rate.
  3. This price change was not disclosed in their contracts.

In other words, Engie is accused of changing the terms of their contracts on their customers.

The lawsuit alleges that consumers were misled about the variable rates that resulted in outrageously high monthly bills for customers. Many states have enacted laws to protect customers from this type of deception from energy brokers.

If you own a small business that gets electricity through Engie Power & Gas, you may be getting overcharged. If you feel like your energy bill has been too high, speak to one of our attorneys today.

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