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MySpace Loses 12 Years of Photos, Video, and Audio Files in Server Migration

As BBC report, MySpace apologized after a server migration deleted “any photos, video, and audio files” that were more than 3 years old.

The MySpace website has been around since 2003, meaning that MySpace users may have lost up to 12 years’ worth of memories. Any users who depended on MySpace to store records of their old photos, videos, and audio recordings may have permanently lost those files. Some of those files may hold cherished moments of loved ones who have since passed away. One MySpace user said:

Welp, there goes my high school experience.

Legal Investigation: Did MySpace delete your music and content?

Allegations that MySpace Data Loss was No Accident

While MySpace claims that it lost the data accidentally in the migration, others hint at a different motive. Andrew Baio, a co-developer of Kickstarter, suggested that MySpace’s new owners may not have wanted to pay to host old data:

I’m deeply skeptical this was an accident. Flagrant incompetence may be bad PR, but it still sounds better than “we can’t be bothered with the effort and cost of migrating and hosting 50 million old MP3s.” –Andrew Baio

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