Phenylephrine Decongestant Not Working Lawsuit Investigation

At a glance

  • What are the Phenylephrine decongestant lawsuits about?

    Class action lawsuits have been filed over cold and flu medicines after the FDA found an ingredient, Phenylephrine, does not relieve congestion.
  • Why are Phenylephrine decongestants like Sinex not working?

    An FDA panel recently stated that the popular decongestant ingredient Phenylephrine provides “no benefit” to consumers seeking congestion relief.
  • What is the goal of these lawsuits?

    These lawsuits seek justice and money back for millions who have been deceived into purchasing products that do nothing to relieve their congestion.

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What did the FDA say about Phenylephrine not working?

An FDA panel recently ruled that Phenylephrine (PE), the active ingredient marketed as a decongestant in many popular cold and flu medications, does nothing to relieve congestion. The panel concluded that medications with PE provide “no benefit” to consumers who purchased and used them for congestion relief.

Which cold medicines have Phenylephrine?

Brands of decongestant medications using PE include:

  • Vicks DayQuil
  • Vicks NyQuil
  • Robitussin
  • Benadryl
  • Sudafed
  • Sinex
  • Tylenol Sinus

Complaints that Phenylephrine doesn’t work on Reddit and elsewhere

The FDA panel’s decision comes after years of research and online consumer complaints about medications with PE not relieving congestion. Consumers suffered confusion and pain after purchasing flu and cold medication based on their marketing as effective, non-drowsy decongestants.

What are the Phenylephrine decongestant lawsuits about?

Several class action lawsuits have been filed against Procter & Gamble, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and other makers of popular cold and flu medications following an FDA panel’s decision that they profited from selling decongestant products that do nothing to relieve congestion. These companies have allegedly made billions of dollars from claiming that their medications provide effective, non-drowsy relief from congestion. These lawsuits seek justice and money back for the millions of Americans who were deceived into buying these products and continue to suffer from painful, unrelieved symptoms.

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