Doordash Reportedly Still Pocketing Workers Tips, Even After Promising to Stop

August 21, 2019

Doordash, a leading U.S. food delivery app, finally agreed that it would stop taking its workers’ tips last month, according to Recode. Recode states that the company was initially scrutinized for its tipping policy back back in February of 2019, when customers realized that Doordash was using tip money to subsidize workers’ pay. In July, the CEO announced a new policy to increase workers’ pay by the exact amount of customer tips in a series of tweets, and even sent out a note to all Doordash workers outlining these changes, Recode reports.

But, according to a new Recode article, the company has yet to stop pocketing its workers tips or change its policies. The article states

The company has not made any public statements about its worker pay and how it plans to institute the changes, nor has it offered a specific date when it will fulfill its promise.

Our firm has filed a Doordash lawsuit for the misclassification and mistreatment of its workers. The complaint states that the company has misclassified most of its workers as “independent contractors.” This misclassification allows Doordash to benefit from its workers without having to pay for overtime or other benefits an employee is entitled to. In fact, many of the workers that Recode interviewed often don’t make minimum wage.

Some workers are getting tired of waiting for Doordash to fix its pay policy. According to Recode

Since DoorDash’s public controversy over tipping, several workers Recode spoke with said they’ve been considering stopping working for the company in recent months because of consistent issues with pay.

The lawsuit seeks to gain monetary recovery for doordash workers, make sure Doordash passes on all tips left by customers, reimburse delivery drivers for gas and mileage, and ensure that all workers are paid California minimum wage.

If you work for Doordash and would like to join a Doordash class action, fill out the form on our page and find out if you have a claim.

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