FIFA 19 Pay to Win Lawsuit Investigation

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Many gamers who have spent large sums of money on FIFA Ultimate Team 19, without getting the icon players they want, are upset about the game’s pay-to-win setup. For example, YouTuber ViTal Rema says that FIFA 19 is the most pay-to-win FIFA in the series. And EA may be sued by Belgian regulatory authorities, who are reportedly considering bringing a FIFA pay-to-win lawsuit, arguing that the lootboxes in FIFA 19 constitute “gambling” and EA Sports has not complied with Belgian gambling regulations.

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FIFA Ultimate Team 19 Most Pay-to-Win FIFA Ever

YouTuber ViTal Rema says that FIFA has always had an element of pay-to-win ever since the release of Ultimate Team in 2010. He says:

the more packs you buy, the more players you’ll be able to afford and the more expensive players are the better players.

ViTal Rema says that up until FIFA 15 and 16, gamers used to use different silver players and they were viable options because they were just as good as the gold players. In FIFA 15, for instance, a gamer with a full silver team could potentially beat a player with full legends. In FIFA 18, stats made a much bigger difference because the higher rated players did so much than they did before. But there were cheap players that were really good, such as Tiémoué Bakayoko and Leroy Sané. In FIFA 19, says ViTal Rema, that’s no longer the case because EA has killed stats on all their cards: shooting, pace, dribbling, physical. Players, such as Arturo Vidal, have lost 18 pace. As a result, there are hardly any gold cards that are usable in a competitive environment.

90% of gold players are complete garbage -ViTal Rema

Because there is only a select few cards that are actually good, says Rema, cards like Cristiano Ronaldo are going to be miles ahead of any other card because their pace, shoot, physical, and dribbling are way higher. And those “icon” cards are going to be very expensive, says Rema.

a pay to win match in FIFA 19

Belgian Gaming Authorities Investigating EA Lootbox Pay to Win Lawsuit

The Belgian Gaming Commission has said that certain types of lootboxes in video games constitute gambling, prompting Blizzard to remove lootboxes in Belgium for Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm, and 2K Games to remove lootboxes from its NBA 2K series, reports Ars Technica. But EA has refused to remove lootboxes, such as card packs, from its FIFA Ultimate Team games in Belgium, prompting the Gaming Commission to refer EA to the prosecutor’s office for criminal investigation for violating gambling law, reports Ars. EA CFO Andrew Wilson responded that EA’s card packs are not gambling because each pack contains a guaranteed number of cards and EA, he said, does not encourage the sale of cards for real money.

Reddit: FIFA 18 Most Pay-to-Win FIFA Ever

There are many threads on Reddit where FIFA gamers are discussing whether FIFA Ultimate Team 18 is the most pay to win FIFA ever. One Reddit user said:

Prime icons have introduced a new super tier of players that are virtually unobtainable unless you shell out A LOT of money.

Reddit users complained about facing other gamers in FIFA 18 who had “full icon” teams, giving those players an enormous advantage. Gamers who put money into the game, only to be overwhelmed by other gamers that can outspend them, may feel like their investment in the game is wasted.

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