Interstate Batteries Class Action Lawsuit

Gibbs Law Group’ auto fraud lawyers filed a class action lawsuit concerning Interstate Batteries’ pro-rated car battery warranty. The warranty entitled customers whose original battery failed to purchase a replacement battery at a prorated discount price based on how long the original lasted. The lawsuit alleged the warranty did not comply with warranty laws and that Interstate breached its warranty and violated consumer protection laws such as the Consumers Legal Remedies Act by overcharging for pro-rata replacement batteries.

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Interstate Car Battery Settlement Announcement

The parties have reached a settlement which, if finally approved, will lead to changes in Interstate’s warranty practices as well as reimbursements to class members. Please view the Interstate Car Battery Class Action Notice for complete information about the settlement, including who is in the class and details about class members’ rights and opportunities.

Under the proposed settlement, Interstate will reform its warranty practices, including by calculating the pro-rata warranty replacement price on the manufacturer’s suggested retail price rather than “List Price,” making the warranty language clearer and easier to understand, and improving its delivery method to make sure consumers receive a copy of the warranty.

The proposed settlement also has a reimbursement program through which class members with receipts can choose between an $8.50 check card and a $12 product voucher, and class members without receipts can obtain a $5 product voucher. To learn more about submitting a claim, view the Interstate Car Battery Class Action Notice or visit, where many class members will be able to submit their claims.

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