Safeco Insurance COVID-19 Denials Lawsuit Investigation

Did Safeco claim they won't cover coronavirus losses?

Many businesses have reportedly been told that their insurance will not cover losses due to COVID-19 or government-imposed shut downs. But legally, many insurance companies don’t have the final say in whether or not their policies will cover coronavirus.

If you have an insurance policy with Safeco Insurance, and have suffered business losses due to COVD-19, you may have a claim. Get a free policy review today.

Did You Buy a Business Insurance Policy Through Safeco?

Get a free consultation. Your claim may have been wrongfully denied.


Safeco Business Interruption Insurance Lawsuits: Are My COVID-19 Losses Covered?

Many businesses pay for business interruption insurance to protect themselves should some unforeseen occurrence cause them to lose income or shut down. However, now that many of these businesses have had to shut down and have suffered grave financial losses as a result, insurance companies such as Safeco have refused to cover COVID-19 related losses.

While many of these companies claim that their policies do not include coverage for the coronavirus pandemic and related closures, this may not legally be the case. Pandemic-related losses are typically covered in several different ways, including:

  • Physical Loss: Some courts have found that loss of access to your property may actually count as a physical loss.
  • Civil authority: Some policies cover losses for government-mandated closures, which may not require you to have physical loss or damage in order to gain coverage.
  • Reasonable Expectations Doctrine: The reasonable expectations doctrine is a legal principle that focuses not just on the text of the policy, but also the reasonable expectations of the policyholder. Some courts use this doctrine to rule in favor of more coverage.
  • Virus Exclusions: Even if your policy excludes viruses, if the wording is ambiguous, or you also have civil authority coverage, you may still be covered for your COVID-19 business losses under the reasonable expectations doctrine.

Every individual policy is different, and may provide coverage in ways not previously disclosed. Get a free policy review today to learn more about your legal options.

Safeco Lawsuits: Safeco Reportedly Takes Advantage Of Its Clients

Safeco has faced many individual and class action lawsuits over the years. These lawsuits have been filed by a variety of different claimants, including business owners, home owners, motorists, and automobile drivers.

According to one lawsuit filed by a business owner, Safeco allegedly delayed payments of coverage to the plaintiff, failed to properly investigate the insurance claim, and unreasonably compelled the plaintiff to undergo litigation to recover compensation under the terms of the policy.

If you have a Safeco insurance policy, and believe you could be entitled to coverage, we may be able to help. Speak with an insurance lawyer to learn more about your options.

How do I know if I'm Insured by Safeco?

Safeco, a Liberty Mutual company, was originally established as the General Insurance Company of America in 1923. The company has since re-branded itself as Safeco, or Selective Auto and Fire Insurance Company of America.

If you have a Safeco insurance policy, it may have been issued by Safeco, or any of its affiliated underwriting companies. Policyholders with any of these underwriting companies may have a claim:

  • America First Insurance Company (NAIC #12696)
  • America First Lloyd’s Insurance Company (NAIC #11526)
  • American Economy Insurance Company (NAIC #19690)
  • American Fire and Casualty Company (NAIC #24066)
  • American States Insurance Company (NAIC #19704)
  • American States Preferred Insurance Company (NAIC #37214)
  • Consolidated Insurance Company (NAIC #22640)
  • Employers Insurance Company of Wausau (NAIC #21458)
  • Excelsior Insurance Company (NAIC #11045)
  • First National Insurance Company of America (NAIC #24724)
  • General Insurance Company of America (NAIC #24732)
  • Hawkeye-Security Insurance Company (NAIC #36919)
  • Indiana Insurance Company (NAIC #22659)
  • Insurance Company of Illinois (NAIC #26700)
  • Liberty County Mutual Insurance Company (NAIC #19544)
  • LM Insurance Corporation (NAIC #33600)
  • Liberty Mutual Mid-Atlantic Insurance Corporation (NAIC #14486)
  • Liberty Northwest Insurance Company (NAIC #41939)
  • Mid-American Fire & Casualty Company (NAIC #23507)
  • The Midwestern Indemnity Company (NAIC #23515)
  • Montgomery Mutual Insurance Company (NAIC #14613)
  • The Netherlands Insurance Company (NAIC #24171)
  • North Pacific Insurance Company (NAIC #23892)
  • Ohio Security Insurance Company (NAIC #24082)
  • Peerless Insurance Company (NAIC #24198)
  • West American Insurance Company (NAIC #44393)

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