Our attorneys are pursuing claims on behalf of victims of the T-Mobile data breach. Many victims had their Social Security numbers stolen, which enables identity thieves to potentially steal their tax returns.

Certain states give citizens up to $1000 for helping to enforce their data breach laws. Join thousands of others.

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T-Mobile 2021 cyberattack affects nearly 50 million customers

News of a massive data breach began to make waves on Sunday, August 15, when Vice.com reported that hackers posted on an underground forum claiming to have data of millions of individuals for sale. Motherboard later confirmed that the information came from T-Mobile servers. The following day, T-Mobile officially announced that it suffered a cyberattack. 

Reliable reporting indicates that the T-Mobile breach affects 7.8 million current customers, 40 million former customers, and 850,000 active prepaid customers. For the 7.8 million current customers, the hackers also obtained phone numbers, IMEI, and IMSI information, which puts those individuals at serious risk of SIM swapping fraud. SIM swapping fraud is when someone can convince a phone carrier that they are someone else and have that person’s phone number switched to their control. This means that hackers can obtain more sensitive data, in addition to obtaining the tool that many use for two-factor authentication. 

Other information compromised in the attack includes: 

  • names, 
  • date of birth, 
  • phone numbers, 
  • Social Security numbers, and 
  • driver’s license/ID numbers. 

The disclosure of this sensitive information puts T-Mobile customers at substantial risk of identity theft and devastating financial fraud. 

What can I do about the T-Mobile Data Breach?

T-Mobile is offering two free years of credit monitoring on its data breach website, but the credit monitoring offered as part of a data breach is not always as good as what you can get on the commercial market. The FTC recommends the consumers enroll in a credit monitoring service available on the commercial market in addition to placing a credit freeze and fraud alerts on their credit report. Additionally, anyone who has or believes they have suffered identity theft should also visit IdentityTheft.gov to report it. 

To prevent SIM swapping fraud, T-Mobile also recommends that current customers activate the Account Takeover Protection service in addition to changing your account PIN and password. For former customers, other carriers also have similar account takeover protection services available. Former customers should also change their PIN if they used the same or similar PIN as their T-Mobile account. 

Past T-Mobile Data Breaches and Lawsuits

This is not the first time T-Mobile has failed to protect its customer’s data. T-Mobile has reportedly suffered five recent data breaches. Most recently, in December 2020, which affected 200,00 customers and disclosed phone numbers among other information. Another, in March 2020, which exposed T-Mobile customer’s financial information, Social Security number, and other account informationAnd again, in 2019 and 2018 where roughly 2 million customers had personal information compromised. 

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David Berger

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