Retrieval Masters Data Breach Lawsuit

Our firm has filed a lawsuit against Retrieval Masters, also known as the American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA). On May 31st, this agency reportedly suffered a breach of its billing database, compromising millions… Read more »

Cloudera Investor Lawsuit Investigation

Our attorneys are investigating a Cloudera class action lawsuit after shares of Cloudera, Inc. (NYSE: CLDR) dropped over 40% upon release of its earnings report. The report showed mixed first quarter earnings and… Read more »

LabCorp Data Breach Lawsuit Investigation

LabCorp announced that 7.7 million patients had their personal and financial data stolen by hackers, reports TechCrunch. The LabCorp data breach comes from the same hacking incident as the Quest data breach announced… Read more »

Quest Data Breach Lawsuit Investigation

Our attorneys are investigating reports that Quest Diagnostics, one of the largest lab test companies, has exposed 12 million customers’ personal information. Quest announced on May 31st that its medical billing vendor, American… Read more »

Handy℠ Cleaner and Repairman Lawsuit

We have filed a lawsuit against Handy on behalf of cleaners and repairmen who allege that Handy underpaid them. According to the lawsuit, California labor law requires Handy to pay its cleaners and… Read more »

First American Data Breach Lawsuit

Our attorneys have filed the first nationwide class action lawsuit against First American Financial Corp for leaking 885 million files of mortgage deals going back to 2003. The files included bank account numbers,… Read more »

TurboTax Military Class Action Lawsuit

Our attorneys have filed a nationwide class action on behalf of military service members who were charged by TurboTax to file their taxes, even though they qualified to file for free. The class… Read more »

Wood-Mode Employee Termination Lawsuit Investigation

Our employment attorneys are investigating a lawsuit on behalf of employees of Wood-Mode, Inc. who were terminated without advance notice from the company’s factory in Kreamer, Pennsylvania on May 13, 2019.

Uber IPO Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

Our investment fraud attorneys are investigating allegations that investors may have overpaid if they bought stock at Uber’s IPO price. Uber launched its initial public offering at $45 per share. Since then, Uber… Read more »

TurboTax Class Action Lawsuit

Our firm has filed the first Turbotax class action lawsuit accusing the company of tricking low-income taxpayers, who were entitled to file their taxes with TurboTax for free, into paying up to $200… Read more »

Airbag Control Unit Lawsuit

Our attorneys have filed a class action lawsuit alleging a defect in 12.3 million airbag control units made by auto-part supplier ZF-TRW. According to the complaint, the affected airbag control units (ACUs) were… Read more »