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Our car lawyers have successfully litigated defective auto cases against many of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers, including Honda, Toyota, and Hyundai. We recently reached a class action settlement in a lawsuit concerning Hyundai shattering panoramic sunroofs. We are also currently investigating reported Honda CR-V automatic braking problems.

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Auto defects can cause a variety of problems for drivers, including expensive repairs, unusable vehicles, costly alternative transportation costs, and dangerous driving conditions. The law requires that auto manufacturers’  vehicles meet minimum standards of safety. Over the years, vehicles have evolved to include high-tech safety systems and anti-collision devices, in addition to airbags and seatbelts. Unfortunately, when these new technologies do not work as intended,  they can cause additional safety-related issues for drivers and their passengers.

In many cases, when one person is dealing with an auto defect, others are experiencing the same problem. The class action lawyers in our automotive defect practice help consumers join together to sue car makers for persistent problems with their vehicles. Fill out the form below for a free consultation with one of our vehicle defect attorneys.

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Our Vehicle Defect Lawyers' Results

We have prevailed against some of the world’s largest corporations, in high stakes litigation on behalf of millions of consumers, including:

Hyundai Fuel Economy Lawsuit
hyundai logo
$360 Million Settlement
Kia Horsepower Lawsuit
kia logo
$125 Million Settlement
Honda Brake Pad Lawsuit
honda logo
$25 Million Settlement
Mitsubishi Wheel Rim Lawsuit
mitsubishi logo
$33 Million Settlement

Our Automobile Defect Lawyers

Eric Gibbs

A founding partner at the firm, Eric has negotiated groundbreaking settlements that favorably shaped laws and resulted in business practice reforms.

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Dave Stein

Dave represents clients in cases nationwide, ranging from securities and financial fraud cases to product liability, privacy, and data breach suits.

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Steve Lopez

Steve represents consumers, employees, and whistleblowers harmed by corporate misconduct in a variety of complex litigation cases.

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Linda Lam

Linda focuses her practice on representing consumers, small businesses, and employees in complex litigation.

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