GEDmatch Data Breach Lawsuit Investigation

The DNA analysis site GEDmatch experienced two security breaches on July 19 and July 20—breaches that indicate a “major lapse in its cybersecurity strategy,” according to a report by SiliconANGLE. Additionally, around one million people’s DNA data was made available to law enforcement without their consent, due to a reset of all users’ permissions during the second breach.

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Privacy Breach: GEDmatch controversially allows law enforcement to access private DNA data

On July 22, 2020, GEDmatch admitted that the DNA records of around one million users had been made available to police in the wake of recent data breaches.

DNA profiling companies like GEDmatch are increasingly popular among people wanting to learn more about their family background. However, law enforcement agencies are also pushing for more access to these genetic databases to try to solve crimes with DNA evidence.

According to Techcrunch, GEDmatch does not report on how often its data is requested by law enforcement, in contrast to rival DNA analysis companies like 23andMe and

Prior to these July 2020 breaches, GEDmatch had controversially allowed law enforcement to search its database. This practice of acquiescing to government search warrants has been criticized by privacy advocates, including the ACLU.

MyHeritage data breach

Shortly after the GEDmatch data breaches, malicious actors allegedly used the leaked email addresses to mount a phishing attack on users of a different genealogy website, MyHeritage. Buzzfeed News alleges that this phishing attack appeared to target email addresses obtained from GEDmatch. Users of both websites may be at risk.

Does GEDmatch or MyHeritage have your DNA data? You may have a claim.

Regulatory safeguards are “woefully inadequate” to protect DNA data against data breaches

While the rise of affordable DNA analysis technology has brought better knowledge of ancestral heritage and health outcomes to many people, it has also increased the risk of sophisticated fraud. According to an expert cited in SilconANGLE, malicious actors may use DNA data to commit identity theft, insurance fraud and targeted spear-phishing campaigns.

UC Davis School of Law Professor Elizabeth Joh weighed in on GEDmatch’s data breaches to TechCrunch:

“A privacy breach in a genetic genealogy database underscores the woefully inadequate regulatory safeguards for the most sensitive of information, in a novel arena for civil liberties. It’s a mess.”

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