Our consumer attorneys are currently investigating allegations that State Farm has been systematically overcharging current and former life insurance policyholders nationwide for 23 years without their consent.

This State Farm lawsuit investigation alleges State Farm has been overcharging universal life insurance policyholders for many years. A previous class action lawsuit found that State Farm had been overcharging its policy members in Missouri.

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State Farm Overcharged for Universal Life Insurance for Years

State Farm has increased their costs of life insurance many times over the years. Recent reports now allege millions of Americans nationwide could be getting overcharged with no clear way of knowing. A previous class action lawsuit in Missouri found that thousands of State Farm Life Insurance policyholders were being overcharged for 23 years. Universal life insurance policyholders are not covered by the recent Missouri class action lawsuit, but could also be unknowingly affected by these overcharges as they’re not typically detectable due to the complex ways these charges are hidden.

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