We are investigating unfair treatment of employees, including managers, at Famous Footwear stores in California.

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Management Employees ("Keyholders") And Unpaid Time

Some management employees (also known as “keyholders”) at Famous Footwear say they are unable to leave the store for meal or rest breaks. Instead, they may have been required to stay present at the store. California employment law says if workers are unable to take these breaks, they are entitled to one hour of pay for each missed break.

If you are a keyholder who has been unable to leave the store for your breaks, we would like to hear from you.

Other Famous Footwear Employee Lawsuits

In 2015, Famous Footwear agreed to pay a settlement of no less than $400,000 to its California hourly staff, over 4,000 workers. This case, Davis v. Brown Shoe Co., alleged that Famous Footwear violated California wage and hour laws in the following ways:

  • assigning only one on-duty manager for shifts of five hours or longer
  • conducting off-the-clock security checks
  • miscalculating rate of pay
  • misstating wages

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