Honda Accord Automatic Braking Lawsuit (2019)

Does your Accord automatically brake, when it shouldn't?

Our auto defect attorneys filed a class action lawsuit against Honda alleging that the automatic braking system in 2016-2019 Honda Accords is defective, endangering Honda drivers, passengers, and others on the road.

According to the lawsuit complaint, the collision mitigation braking system in these models may suddenly activate for no apparent reason.  Drivers have reported that sometimes while driving at highway speeds, their vehicle will slam on the brakes automatically even though there is nothing on the road in front of them.  Some drivers report that they have made Honda aware of the problem, but have been told there is no fix available.

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Accord automatically brake, for no reason?

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Driver Complaints: Honda Accord Automated Braking Problems

Dozens of Accord drivers nationwide have filed complaints with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) about unexpected sudden braking.  One driver has reported a collision already.  Other consumers have complained:

Consumer #1

Twice when at speeds on the highway, the emergency mitigating brake has engaged with no traffic around or in front me, basically slamming on the brakes which is extremely dangerous another time the steering has tried to yank me into another lane thinking I have gone off the road, the road mitigation system. These issues could have proven very dangerous in both situations if vehicles were next to me or behind me and these issues with a brand-new car are not making me feel safe to drive the car.

Consumer #2

Driving down the road at 75 miles an hour and the brake system engaged. No cars around. Had another vehicle (especially tractor trailer) there would have been a serious collision. I do not want this vehicle anymore. Dealer says its not a warranty problem. Serious safety concerns.

Consumer #3

I was traveling on U.S. Highway 19 and a vehicle turned off about a half mile ahead of me while I had the cruise control engaged. The vehicle had completely cleared the road and my car slammed on brakes causing everything in the vehicle to be thrown into the floorboard. Had there been a car behind me, the car would have rear-ended my vehicle. There continues to be an issue where the sensor recognizes something in the road that is not there or a vehicle that has already cleared the road and slams on brakes. This creates a serious safety issue and is damaging on the brakes. I do not feel safe driving with this system engaged because I do not know when the vehicle will slam on brakes causing other drivers to rear-end me.

Consumer #4

While driving at highway speeds with ACC (adaptive cruise control) enabled and LKAS (lane keep assist) enabled and passing a car and another time an 18-wheel truck, the car suddenly and abruptly braked to slow down 5 mph. The road was straight, and no cars were in front of me. This was a very dangerous situation because cars were behind me and they all had to react to slow down.

Consumer #5

Traveling on 4 lane highway at 50 mph. Car activated brakes again and brought the car to a complete stop. This incident almost resulted in a rear end collision. Driver behind was able to swerve and avoid hitting us. Each incident there was no drivers ahead of me, no animals/items crossing path. completely random and cannot willing replicate.

Past Honda Automatic Braking Recalls

According to the complaint, Honda discovered long ago that the braking system was defective.  In 2015, Honda conducted a safety recall when several of its models were experiencing these types of false alarms and braking for no apparent reason.

Honda has not issued a recall as to 2016-2018 Accords.

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