The manufacturer of Kotex has issued a recall affecting Kotex tampons produced in the last two years. The recall is due to certain types of Kotex tampons unraveling inside women’s bodies, reports NPR. Tampons left in for too long can cause toxic shock syndrome (TSS), also known as “sepsis,” which is a life-threatening illness. Our personal injury attorneys are investigating whether a Kotex Tampon Toxic Shock Lawsuit is merited.

Is there a Kotex tampon recall lawsuit?

We are currently investigating Kotex tampon induced injury cases across the United States. If you or a family member have been diagnosed with an infection or other injury from a recalled tampon, please contact us for a free consultation.

Women who got toxic shock syndrome from a Kotex Sleek tampon in the last two years may have very strong claims in any kotex tampon recall lawsuits.

2018 Kotex Tampon Recall Affects 200 Lot Numbers

Kotex’s manufacturer has said that the recall affects regular-absorbency U Kotex Sleek tampons that have been produced between October 7, 2016, and October 16, 2018. These tampons were sold in 3-count, 18-count, and 34-count packages, and were included in Kotext multipacks. To see the affected lot numbers listed on the Kotex recall website, click here.

See the recalled Kotex lot numbers

Kotext Tampon Recall Website Says Call, Don’t Return to Store

According to NPR, consumers who purchased Kotex U tampons subject to the recall do not need to return them to the store that they bought them.

U by Kotex Sleek Tampon coming apart led to tss lawsuit
Instead, the Kotex recall website says to call 888-255-3499 “for further instructions” about how to receive a refund on the tampon purchase price. Consumers who have been injured by a Kotex Sleek tampon can discuss their options with an attorney, free.

Inquire about Kotex Tampon Recall Lawsuit:

Speak with an attorney, free and confidentially.

NPR: Consumers Have Longed Complained of Kotex Unraveling Inside Their Bodies

According to NPR, numerous customers have complained over the last two years about Kotex U Sleek Tampons unraveling inside them. For example, one Kotex buyer said:

I just removed this tampon and it ripped in half during that process. I was left with half a tampon outside of me and half a tampon (with no cord attached) lodged INSIDE of me. Hopefully, I was able to get it all out and will save you from the details, but in all my 35 years of menstrual experience, I have NEVER had this happen. Menopause can’t come soon enough. Do better, Kotex!

Kotex Recall Website: Affected Lot Numbers

The Kotex recall website says that the following lot numbers are affected:

18 Count Package
34 Count Package
34 Count Multipack
3 Count Package
NN628201B NN728713C NN628101A NN724713A NN629401B NN728313B XM700604X
NN628301A NN728713D NN628101B NN724713B NN629501A NN729713A XM700904X
NN628301B NN729813A NN628201A NN726713D NN631301B NN729713B XM702304X
NN629101A NN731113A NN628201B NN726813A NN631401A NN730913C XM702404X
NN629101B NN732513B NN629401A NN728213B NN631401B NN730913D XM702504X
NN629201A NN733713D NN629401B NN728313A NN632213A NN732613B
NN630201A NN733813A NN631201B NN729613A NN632213B NN733813B
NN630201B NN800413B NN631301A NN729613B NN703113B NN733913A
NN630301A NN800513C NN632101B NN729713A NN703213A NN735313A
NN632713A NN802913B NN632113B NN732513B NN705513D NN735313B
NN632713B NN803013A NN632213A NN732613A NN706513A NN801413D
NN634713B NN804413A NN632213B NN733913A NN706513B NN801513A
NN634813A NN804413B NN633813D NN733913B NN706613A NN802913A
NN635713A NN807613D NN634113B NN735213B NN706613B NN803013B
NN635713B NN807713C NN634213A NN735313A NN708713A NN804313A
NN701813A NN808413C NN635013B NN801413C NN708713B NN804313B
NN701813B NN808413D NN635113C NN801413D NN711413A NN805713B
NN701913A NN812013A NN703113A NN802813D NN711413B NN805813A
NN703213B NN812013B NN703113B NN802913A NN713113A NN809913B
NN705713C NN812713B NN705613C NN804213D NN713113B NN811213D
NN705713D NN812813A NN706313C NN804313A NN713213C NN812613D
NN705813A NN814013D NN706313D NN805813A NN713213D NN812713A
NN707613D NN814113A NN706413C NN805813B NN714513B NN814013C
NN707713C NN814113B NN706413D NN807513D NN714613C NN814013D
NN711513A NN815513A NN707713C NN807613C NN716613A NN815413D
NN711513B NN815513B NN707713D NN809913A NN719413B NN815513A
NN715213B NN819613D NN711313C NN811213C NN719513C NN816813D
NN715313C NN819713A NN711313D NN811213D NN720613B NN816913A
NN715313D NN821313A NN711413A NN815413C NN720713A NN819613C
NN716713C NN822613B NN713013B NN815413D NN724713B NN819613D
NN716713D NN822713A NN713113A NN815513D NN724813A NN822513A
NN718313C NN824513D NN714313B NN816813D NN726813A NN822513B
NN720713B NN824613A NN714413A NN818113C NN726813B NN826613C
NN723413B NN824613B NN714413B NN818113D NN726913A NN826613D
NN723513A NN826513D NN719313B NN822413D NN728313A NN826713A
NN724913B NN826613C NN719413A NN822513A
NN725013A NN827813D NN722013B NN824613B
NN726913A NN827913C NN722113A NN824713A
NN726913B NN722113B NN826713A
NN722213A NN826713B

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