Ohio Oil & Gas Royalty Class Action Lawsuit

Ascent Resources sued for taking unlawful deductions from Ohio oil and gas lessors

Gibbs Law Group and Fields, Dehmlow & Vessels represent Ohio mineral owners who saw their royalty checks plummet as much as 50% after their oil and gas leases were assigned to Ascent Resources, LLC.  Read our Consolidated Class Action Complaint.

On August 4, 2021, the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of Ohio granted our motion for class certification. This unprecedented class action is one of the first of its kind in the Buckeye State, potentially allowing any affected Ohio Ascent lessor who received royalties from Ascent since October 2014 to take part.  Read a copy of the Eaton-Cunningham Certification Order.

Since class certification, our attorneys are continuing to litigate against Ascent, investigating its business practices and using top experts to help us obtain relief for Ohio lessors. If you leased mineral rights to Ascent, or any other oil and gas drilling company, and saw your royalties decrease, please contact us.

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Eaton-Cunningham Class Action Lawsuit: Ascent accused of underpaying lessors the full royalties they are owed under their lease agreements

In October 2016, our firms filed a lawsuit on behalf of Ohio lessor Cunningham Property Management Trust against Ascent Resources – Utica, LLC, accusing Ascent of improperly deducting inflated post-production expenses from mineral owners’ royalty payments.  Later, the firms filed an August 2019 lawsuit on behalf of Ohio lessors, Brian and Cynthia Eaton, against Ascent, accusing the oil and gas operator of improperly taking post-production expenses from royalty payments of mineral owners who have leases with “market enhancement clauses.” In July 2020, a federal court in Columbus, Ohio combined both cases into one legal action.

Co-counsel Ethan Vessels, from Marietta-based law firm Fields, Dehmlow & Vessels, explained:

“We believe mineral owners have suffered at least $125 million in damages because of Ascent’s improper royalty payment practices over the past seven years.”

MEG Groups – what are they?

According to a court filing, Ascent categorizes leases into three MEG groups: “gross proceeds” leases; “net proceeds” leases; and “market enhancement” leases.

This litigation involves the leases Ascent included in the net proceeds lease and market enhancement lease MEG groups.  Ascent Revenue Controller, Jeff Lenocker, testified that Ascent treats all leases within each group “the same in terms of deductions.”  In an amended complaint, our Ohio-lessor clients assert that Ascent systematically over-charges the net proceeds MEG group for “post-production” expenses and systematically miscalculates royalty payments for the “market enhancement” MEG group by taking deductions that were not permitted by their leases.

Net Proceeds Leases – what are they?

Ohio Law allows oil and gas producers to make post-production deductions from oil and gas royalties, but only if the deductions are reasonable.

Plaintiffs allege that Ascent systematically unearths inflated and unreasonable deductions by over-charging for post-production expenses such as gathering, compression, processing of liquids, and pipeline transportation charges.  According to the court, “two companies owning a majority stake in Ascent also have substantial stakes in various companies providing post-production services to Ascent.”  Our clients allege that Ascent pays these expenses to affiliated companies that share common ownership, resulting in “sweetheart” deals that unfairly burden the mineral owners and ultimately reduce their net royalties.

Oil and Gas Expert Rick Harper reviewed royalty statements involved in the litigation and testified that post-production deductions were substantially higher than anticipated, at times reaching 88% of the gas’ value.

Are excessive deductions decreasing your royalty check?

Market Enhancement Leases – what are they?

In addition to taking inflated deductions, our lawsuit further alleges that Ascent systematically miscalculates royalties by blindly applying broad deductions without complying with a duty to enhance, or to increase, the value of the marketable oil before Ascent can deduct the enhancing costs.

Harper testified that leases in the market enhancement clause MEG Group required Ascent to create a better price for the gas before it could lawfully deduct post-production expenses.

According to the court’s filing, however, “Ascent did not consider whether the expenses it deducts enhanced the value of the product.” Harper testified that he compared  royalty statements of Ohio lessors in this litigation to similarly situated Ohio lessors leasing their mineral interests to another oil and case company and found that Ascent was deducting over twice as much as for post-production expenses than the other company.

According to its website, Ascent is now the largest oil and natural gas producer in Ohio.

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