Financial fraud is any deceptive or fraudulent business practice that takes place during a financial transaction. Financial fraud can take many different forms, including bank fraud, credit card fraud, and billing fraud. It can affect individuals, companies, organizations, and even states.

Our consumer protection attorneys represent consumers in financial fraud class action lawsuits, which allow consumers to join together to bring legal claims for violation of their rights.

Our financial fraud attorneys also represent victims of securities fraud and investment fraud, including people who lost money in Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Financial Fraud: What to do

Dealing with financial fraud can be scary. It’s often helpful to have a police report or record that you reported the fraud, in case you later need proof that a particular charge or transaction is fraudulent. You can report financial fraud to the FTC, local law enforcement, or the FBI. You can also reach out to our law firm for help, although we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to take your case.

fraudster committing financial fraud via computer

Our Financial Fraud Attorneys

Eric Gibbs

A founding partner at the firm, Eric has negotiated groundbreaking settlements that resulted in reforms to business practices, and have favorably shaped the laws impacting plaintiffs’ legal rights.

Amy Zeman

Amy has built a reputation in the plaintiffs’ bar for delivering results and justice to consumers and sexual assault survivors in class action and mass tort litigation. The Daily Journal named her a Top Woman Lawyer in California for 2021.

Dave Stein

David Stein represents clients in federal and state cases nationwide, ranging from securities and financial fraud class actions, to product liability, privacy, and data breach suits.

Amanda Karl

Amanda represents employees, consumers, and sexual assault survivors in complex class action lawsuits nationwide. She also leads the firm’s Voting Rights Task Force.

Our Results in Financial Fraud Cases

H&R Block $19.4 million for consumers who were misled about the benefits and fees associated with Express IRAs
American Fair Credit Association (AFCA) $40 million settlement for members of the AFCA who were misled about credit repair programs
Chase Bank $100 million for Chase Bank customers after unilateral modifications to loans more than doubled their monthly payments
American Express $100 million for clients who received services from American Express Financial Advisors

About Us

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